filthy laundry

ever wonder why men lie, deceive and cheat
for many a chick is just a piece of meat

in the beginning it was passionate lust
before you know it he’s a beast of distrust

you don’t understand when he goes out at night
taking other girl’s numbers to be polite?

forgetting to remove it from worn pocket
finding it will hit your heart like a rocket

like the next day when you wash his dirty clothes
detecting adultery under stuffed nose

admitting it is purely a game he plays
bachelor still living in the good old days

misleadingly yearns to see if they’ll say “yes”
to cheap seducing ways of unfaithful chess

question yourself “why is he juvenile?”
second guessing if it’s all worth your while

recognizing you’ve given him your whole world
lost reality is upside down and twirled

warned one day your fiancé is still married
red taped truth of legality was buried

never divorced, perhaps out of laziness
stating it’s due to financial craziness

funny fact, i seemed to be okay with that
avoidance to combine rude verbal combat

every time we spoke about initial life
he dismissed slim chance for me to be wed wife

insulted and disrespectfully engaged
crass cheating ways made me depressed and enraged

confronted bobby and stood veracious ground
said i had straight evidence of what i found

he’ll tell you face to face that “it’s all your fault”
hiding concealed secrets away in locked vault

thinking you’ll never find those sent sex e-mails
written to several of my once friend females

lord, i thought i was solely called his “lover”
exchanging devoted speech undercover

each word which he endearingly said to me
used secretly with another named sherrie

it turns out he’s been doing this since day one
clearly drained damage towards me has not been fun

wrath of darkened ill temper at the near end
blindly fooled in thinking he was poised best friend

sick truth of the whole matter becomes real clear
when he fucked another sleazy girl that year

sending him naked photos of exposed clit
seducing my man with damned deviant wit

sole erotic photograph was not enough
tramp took shots of tits, pussy and other stuff

facts drew the line and i want no more from him
visually laid tossed mate to rest in death’s dim

telling close chaps i’m disreputably whacked
dolefully admit torched flesh painfully cracked

stark clinical term is a sociopath
beau is narcissistic you do mangled math

till this day tongue will never apologize
vain ego won’t permit him to recognize

gloved arrogance he possesses is self made
sold bleak soul to hell’s devil as equal trade

openly decided to express shocked pain
stimulate my keen skull and artistic brain

we as women have the power to create
to stand beautifully strong, striving to be great

filthy laundry is a world revolution
saying what you want without retribution

join vogue venture to speak of warrior mind
feel free to be raunchy or voice to be kind

© 09.2006. All Rights Reserved.
(for bobby)

tuesday 09.05.2006 9:08PM


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