i dare you to stop walking
moving in another direction away from me
wanting you to turn around
to see what you’re missing
i dare you to come my way
claiming me as your woman
to propose marriage to me
asking me to be your wife
i dare you to be yourself
the one you keep hidden deep within
only revealing your torn colors to the sky
i dare you to move
from behind your mask
which you’ve grown so fond of
thinking this world is a certain way
your bitter tongue too acidic to kiss
where i want my lips to sweeten your breath
i dare you to take a chance
to choose me
the girl that has been waiting for you
i dare you to believe
to open your mind
towards the possibilities of a future for us
i dare you to admit your fears
that you are just as afraid as i am
i dare you to tell me of all the truths
and darkness that you hide from me
words you have never spoken
yet desire to
i dare you to let yourself sensually feel
for me
expressing openly of how you want my sex
in explicit detail
words of love you have never spoken to another
thoughts of obsession
a deviant hunger for me
permitting your passion to indulge in my being
i dare you to look into my eyes
and tell me you don’t see a soul
who begs for you
a constant yearning
i dare you to take a chance
let go of the life you are living
stop going through the mundane motions
i dare you to have the courage
to walk through the door opening before you
i dare you to have blind faith
truly knowing i will always be with you
i dare you to hope
i dare you to dream
i dare you to want
letting your desires take over
steering the path
i dare you to stop thinking with your closed heart
concealing it from the world
from me
i dare you to stop running away
to silently stand in one place for a moment
i dare you to hold out your hand
and let me grab onto it tightly
but most of all
i DARE you to need me like nobody else
as i need you

© 08.2012. All Rights Reserved.
poem; dare (for brian)
sunday, august 19, 2012 at 10:02am



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