calling for him

Where are all my beautiful poets? The salacious ones who are alive with speaking the liquidhoney of life’s seductive nature deep into your bones. The mortals who know how to tumultuously sew the fibers of sensual vocabulary pricked beneath my fibrously sensitive skin. As the permanent ink of his needle bleeds through ever pore of my flawed flesh, staining the memory of his wanton words into the vibrating cells of my sweetlysticky soul. Do you even effortlessly exist? Or has my mind morphed you into a fictitious muse all of these decades of desirous want.

October 27 at 9:29 am

My advice: “Learn to listen to a woman, where you fully hear all that she is saying to you; be receptive of the diverse symmetry from her heart, expressions from within her soul. And if you are receptive without being closed off, without showing judgment, without temper or without irrational behavior.. she will give you her whole world when she realizes you have accepted her entire form. Shut her out and she becomes an art of passion you will never know. Never experience. The passion does not come from her, but from your own heart. When a man feels a woman, it is not her passion per say, but the passion in his own world that is released. There are so many people who are void of LOVE and the expression of how to “do it”. The expression of how to “feel it”. The expression of fully embracing all that is “real” from the vibrations of life. Most people eat their food without tasting it, many do not even visually see what they are consuming, even without chewing it.. swallowing so fucking fast that they are beyond anxious for their next bite which has no flavor. It has no flavor, not because it is dry or bland.. but because the one devouring the food has no idea of what he is even tasting. Has no idea of what it is dangling on the edge of his fork.”

.. sad world for so many people I cross paths with for they are all starving for LOVE and cannot find it.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. Deep within your passionate soul are infinitely precious things which will never be taken away. With the Mask of Illusion this passion burns deep inside; never attainable within the grasp of a thief.” ~ Oscar Wilde


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