i want to love you with simple,
like a bare singular matchstick.
to ignite
with no words spoken
by the heated flames of the timber of crimsoned scarlet fire.
as it crackles
with close
entangled with the intimacy of firefly ashes
choosing to enchantingly dance around in abundant
hazily whistling into the glorified heavens
making the ebony soot dissolve into the cool crisp air.
yearning to be the explosion who
through your bones
as you visualize red ecstasy of a
provoked kindle.

i want to love you with simple,
like tears of a china doll gesture
that could not be submitted by the
clouds to wet rain.
hypnotic magnetic ruptures
as the lightening strikes
defusing the electric drops to delicately
to the solid grounds of earthly chartreuse seedlings.
tapping temptingly onto your precious face
and gently trickling into the open pours of your
succulent skin.
warm fragility of the misty water
with the drawn essence of infinite time
disappearing and becoming one with your anatomy.
seeping deep into your liquid soul.
languishing to be the streaming fluid which
along your spinal chord.

i want to love you with simple,
like an
air spun
straw berried breath
as you gloriously inhale pure oxygenated love.
transcending it into my
opulent direction
swaying back and forth to
hypnotize blushed goddess seduction.
becoming sweetly intoxicated through my
inflamed nostrils
while breathing in the decadence of solidified
candied temptation.
without even tasting you
i am able to respire and succulently draw air
flirtatiously into my passage way of
devouring you with the dewdrops of the
caramelized marshmallow adoration of
harmonized ventilation.

i want to love you with simple,
like goose down fluffy pillows
situated comfortably between my
naked inner thighs.
high above the lavish plump mattress
as my infatuated body stretches to indulgently spoil
sole desirous
temple against the
comfort of home.
the central place of
is the embodiment of you
as i unloosen the fitted bustled petticoat
married closely together
now flourishing with female physique
upon male torso.
intertwined over the silken
virgin sheets
while silently masturbating with the
echoing promise of
knowing you will eternally be there forever.

i want to love you with simple


© 12.2009. All Rights Reserved.
Monday December 14, 2009 8:58 PM
(inspired by rani) (yet, with the vision of tony in my mind)


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