How would one genuinely act.
Facing extraordinary fact.
Frankly curious to know.
What star inner self might show.

Say that you lost your great big house.
Not even cheese left for meek mouse.
Was burned down to torched black crisp.
Swearing with coarse jaded lisp.

Cursed graced god the almighty.
Screaming in raged fierce flighty.
That he took gifts from you.
Sky line is blue dark hue.

Nothing is starkly lost.
Robbed monetary cost.
You are still the same sound person.
But mazed mind is of torn worsen.

What about if you smashed prized Mercedes Benz.
Would you then drop all of your socialite friends.
And had to drive a rusted Chevy Chevette.
Because steep insurance put keys in grave debt.

Could vain ego sashay out of the driver’s seat.
Being humbly restrained with bleak barren discreet.
Gallivanting at glint red carpet event.
As you’re in a secret solace of torment.

Wondering about pressed coins in your local bank.
Spending it with ill expression of cold forged rank.
Does it honestly represent divine stature.
Perhaps it’s regal if you’re Baroness Thatcher.

What would happen if you had a negative withdrawal.
Or was going bankrupt from an illegal downfall.
Leaving you high and dry and financially broke.
Would you lay hidden away and socially choke.

Do you only treat others with respect when you’re having a nice day.
Snickering under stale breath when plans crumble upon path in dismay.
Wrongly polished and faux poised when you exhibit on stage.
Then coming unglued when double crossed in bashed brief outrage.

If you jacked up ballooned breasts with poisonous silicone gel.
Would torso frolic and prance fake frame around in show and tell.
Does raised lost self esteem increase with foreign inflation.
Inducing sexuality with false stimulation.

With bigger tits does swain lover find you with fluid temptation.
Just what if you had to remove them through surgical ablation.
Prior stance put you on plat formed pedestal for all men to tauntingly see.
Does sheer sensuality alter with a hideous marred mastectomy.

I’m curious why most women hide behind teased hair.
Could masked personality be defined in nude bare.
Bleached long blond locks and multicolored bronzed strands.
We strive for supremely aesthetic demands.

What would happen if blocked mind discovered temple had toxic cancer.
Crude chemotherapy will not always be the sincerest answer.
Receding security blanket on tailed tip of faltering finger.
True warm essence of courageous concrete beauty will soulfully linger.

What really defines us.
World’s artificial fuss.
When something is personally stolen, broken or bruised.
Leaves one in a bad state of being mentally confused.

Do you decide one day to pull smooth levered trigger.
As you lose your lust for life and prominent vigor.
Blowing confused brains out to pacify lost hurt.
When the devil finds you in suicidal dirt.

Maybe taking the slow retarded way out.
Drinking yourself down the alcoholic route.
Finding your body smelling of fermentation.
Waking up with perspired sheets of damnation.

Better yet, why don’t you pop a few dangerous pink pills.
Prescriptive drugs ring wild with psychosomatic chills.
Realizing the delusional predicament you are in.
After sickened toxicity begins poisoning your skin.

Is your closed eye sight salaciously hooked on pornography.
Filmmaking your own deviant sexed cinematography.
Sucking and fucking your way to a world of blowjobs and adultery play.
Obliviously ignoring the damage along your private perverted way.

Deranged obsessions.
Blood stained impressions.
Searching down a road of curiosity.
Spiraling towards immoral velocity.

Why is it that we wish to destroy supreme abundance.
Life’s divine allure is ample of natural romance.
Feeling like what we have is never enough.
Pure greediness tends to make one’s journey rough.

So where do we travel from here.
Plethoric treats in found frontier.
Perhaps read a few self help books to appease.
Thinking that we can change in a snappy breeze.

Do you ever think of how ways are for the people in foreign lands.
Digging each day for filthy well water with their sorely blistered hands.
Where they give respect to the simplest of things.
Chanting bestowed glory on missionary wings.

My real recommendation is to see beyond gemmed synthetic jewels and deeply search within.
Mindfully stripping away all self-conceited material stuff with a confident grin.
Pretending to clearly erase the gluttony, arrogance and hypocritical mentality.
Replacing them with a rich luster of kindness, opulent love and honorable integrity.

It takes a chimed moment to attract.
Electric vibrations will react.
Positive spirits will flow.
When inner souls are aglow.

11:39 PM Thursday, November 12, 2009
© 11.2009. All Rights Reserved.
poem: stripping



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