Friday, October 18, 2013 at 10:11 PM


Hello beauty, I have decided that this is going to be my pet name for you now. It seems so suiting for me to call you “Willow”. A sensually divine tree which embarks a magnificent journey; embracing delicately strong branches, swaying back and forth, to catch the seduction of the wind.

Enclosed is an exceptionally brief summary of what you have graciously written down for me in collaboration, during our riveting afternoon. I must thank you for being my personal ambassador, with the vibration of words shared with me. With reiteration for your magnificent mind, I am reminding you of the description of my exotically sensual character, so it can penetrate through your brain waves each time you think of me. Which I hope is often. For Zuky is a “lover, seductress and poetess.” (For now, that is all you get darling.)

In lieu of me being exceptionally sleepy, with uncontrolled tired eyes.. I must bid you adieu. For my evening has to savor the slow seconds of time, as my steamy hot bubble bath is awaiting me patiently. It is filled with liquid scents of lavender oil, calling for my body to explore its sensual love of scented water. As I rest my mind with the electric vibes of Vivaldi playing on my Pandora headset, I just want to soak my flesh deeply into a wonderland, as I deliciously digest my fascinating encounter with you.

As you had quoted to me, “The craft will unfold as the passion is released.” – Modest Goddess.

Good night and love to your magnificent world.


P.S. As promised per your request, I am sending you a picture of my bondage chair. However, the camera angle was hungry to capture the picture of my body instead. The faux black leather chair is a touch shy at the moment, and reserved to stay out of the shot. But you can get a glimpse of him under my bottom half of my legs. He is teasing you, to say the least.

sitting on my bondage chair. the only luxury of splendor to support my mischievous writings. need to name "him".

sitting on my bondage chair. (which you can only see a glimpse of under my exposed thighs.) the only luxury of splendor to support my mischievous writings. need to name “him”.
“I am here to seduce you into a LOVE of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary EXPLODES in your life.” –Osho 


2 thoughts on “WILLOW”

  1. amyxdove said:

    Hello My Willow Wife, how your branches have grown since we have met, I see your soul, feel your soul, taste your sap of tears feed them back to you so that you may truly feel. Feel the earth with your heart then and only then you will truly feel. Then the night not the day that you can feel, you will become one with yourself then you will truly understand

  2. Zuky Leigh said:

    thank you for your gorgeous response to a personal post. your words are heartfelt and lovely.

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