pink pill

Wickedly wounded heart triggers gunpowder
Suicidal love bangs rhythmically louder
Fueled temptation sinks deeper towards steel barrel
Menacing mind runs wild of sexed feral

Falsely misinterpret blind issue at hand
Destruction of soul not sadistically planned
Heated desire yearns skin to fornicate
Damned distance feeds veins of lustful complicate

Endangered fingers posses a gripped pistol
Ringed digit targets an engagement crystal
Absent from decades of abandoned passion
Maddened insanity red roused nude fashion

Imaginary bullet rips through closed chest
Salacious starving stimulates crazed conquest
Infatuated hunger destroys fleshed frame
Ammunition penetrates explosive aim

Lechery longing ignites gloomed mortal death
Blood raises execution pure poisoned meth
Romeo mourned Juliet lured devotion
Swallowing deeply ingesting drugged potion

Obsession spirals metaphorical rouse
Sedated by medication to verge drowse
Erratic behavior merges weakened bones
Lascivious lust steers erroneous zones

Perspiration below arched eyes conceal tears
Weeping imagination jets frantic fears
Charged with tormented nymphomaniac needs
Salvation comes from rosary prayer beads

Consumed around Sharp thoughts my entire life
Bewildered false fantasies to be wed wife
Perhaps selfish flaunting gravitates ill will
Desperately must swallow pink narcotic pill

© 10.2012. All Rights Reserved. poem; pink pill
(for brian) wednesday, october 03, 2012 at 3:34pm


To be in love with someone all of your life, but never having him to be yours. Knowing that he will never belong to you. Where there is great love. Yet there is also immense universal energy keeping you apart. After decades of being distant from each other… Now sexual communion begins. And in the tsunami of the waves of ecstasy to finally be his. But the energy of the threads in life pulls you apart. Left with suicidal thoughts, knowing that you are going to survive, nonetheless the realization of life the two lovers can never be together in this realm. Endless nights of a contemplated gun to my head. Feverish dreams of unfulfilled sex. Insane tears of prayer to have him. Pink little pill to defuse the pain..


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