It’s my playfulness which keeps me young
Always speaking with a radiant tongue
Perhaps I get it from my mamma’s genes
Or even eating spinach, kale and healthy greens
I rarely if ever do smoke
Cough, (chuckle) choke choke
Every so often I will light up a Virginia Slims or clove cigarette
The few carcinogens are not a threat
Because it’s very rare when I do
Stomping out the butt with the heel of my shoe
My cells age rather well
Drinking mineral tonics and herbal potions are my witches’ spell
There are secrets in one’s magical garden
Forgive me now, I do thee pardon
Please don’t take offense if I choose to brag
At fifty-two years on this planet I don’t look like a hag
Being thin and vibrantly fit has always come easy
That’s why I love to post selfies, even if it looks cheesy
My advice is to be around others who inspire your mind
For these friendships are rare to find




“You don’t want to write poetry Rose.” he said
Echoes of simple criticizing words I often dread
His crooked finger still points
Arthritic joints
When ego rules
Judgment is only for those fools
This dude does not have the same passion
Old fashion
For I am not looking to become legendary
Just intending to be published, on the contrary
Having over 752 pieces I wrote
Often thriving to rhythmically quote
It comes easy for me
Can’t you see?
Writing is a gift of mine
Artistically divine
At moments it may be expressed with passive aggression
For some of my exes and lovers have been an obsession
I’ve even dabbled with lyrics of revengeful hate
Typing on paper as I voice my malice in verbal weight
People can be quite damaging with the things they do
Unconscious without a clue
Because I don’t wish to offend and gossip about their actions
Instead, I’ll compose sonnets to take my thoughts from these distractions
Meaning no harm
But beware, my talented tongue is a loaded gun fueled with firearm
Shooting off proverbial bullets describing your harmful disruption
Damaged friendships turned to personal corruption
On the other hand, I do articulate about fleeting romance
Inked letters describing my cupid arrow of a tumultuous dance
Dedicated towards the granted few
Where they each knew
Pronouncing my passionate affection
In their direction
Burning love really doesn’t last
Wrinkled papers will rip rather fast
Nonetheless, I have to script my life as it transpires
Fulfilling my destiny of poetic desires
However my favorite literary work
Is when I smirk
Formulating my little secrets of a concealed mystery
As my enigma of you goes down in history


Talk. Talk. Talk. I love that you love to talk about the color of your lipstick, or the tons of selfies you do with your kids and even the pictures that you show off of your boyfriend. Even your dog videos are funny and amusing and your food images look delicious.. but if you want to have a conversation with me let’s please talk. Let’s converse about how YOU are changing Mother Earth and the selfless contributions you do in this world. Let’s talk about eating the right foods to keep your body healthy and vibrant, or even the dreams of where you would like to travel. How about conversing with the energy of quantum mechanics and how powerful this universe is, and the magic of manifestation which is profoundly at our fingertips to “manipulate manifestation” in your life. If you are sick, I don’t want to talk of your illness, UNLESS you realize that YOU CAN HEAL your own body through the power of prayer and high intention and clearing out the mental blocks hidden away in your subconscious. If you are broke then don’t complain to me on the subject, but let’s talk about the books which are successfully written on how to change the human brain to manifest what we want. Money is energy, and the essence of being broke is the same thing.. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Let’s talk energy medicine. Because I also love to get HIGH.. but “high” on life and the abundance in which art and painting can create. So many people have this “mundane” voice of expression, that ear moaning of a monotone American voice of this nasal speech. Uuuggg. Do you ever listen to “how” you speak? Speak with elegance. Not snootiness, but with a manner that is attractive, not repetitive. So many people adapt to their environment and speak in the ways that they are surrounded with and they wonder why things are not changing. Surround yourself with an energy of abundance, and creativity, and sensuality and art and beauty, LOVE and kindness. And if you come my way and only wish to “small talk”.. please think twice. Because I would rather have a delicious conversation than just mere words..

new story

Embarking on a brand new story
Writing fresh pages of an adventurous glory
Taking out my pen to script a new book
Chapters in my novel of the chances I took
Journaling expectations
Manipulating my manifestations
Things seem to be as right as rain
Preparing to take a journey on a jet plane
Mums the word
Have you heard?
Need to plant my matured roots
Pulling up my high-heeled boots
To get my hands in the dirt
Yearning to explore and flirt
With my seeded forthcomings of faith and hope
My plans are so frickin’ dope
Walking towards a rebirth
On planet Earth
When the rose begins to bloom
There is absolutely no more room
For unnecessary baggage of lost dreams
Sewing up my threads and loose seams
Even though I appreciate where I’ve been
My past choices have granted me an emotional Zen
Mind feels free
Fulfilling my destiny..

red bullseye

Far from jealous
Neither zealous
About your success
For I must address
Right now you’re flying high
At 26 you’ve hit the red bullseye
Of everything coming together
Even in stormy weather
Targeting towards fame
Certainly knowing how to play the game
To your Instagram fans
Still holding them in the palm of your hands
But on the contrary
You’re a touch ordinary
Socially fake
Affection of heartbreak

You live off the coattails of your wealthy friends
Superficially using others for financial ends
As an intuitive I see right through you
.. still dumbfounded that you really have no clue
Lacking a deep 3rd eye
Your own consciousness will never amplify

This crystal ball
Predicts you to fall
Upon your 2-sided face
Because you disgrace
Honor and compassion
Trading it in for the exchange of high fashion
So let me write it out
Giving you a poetic shout
In 10 years your life is gonna’ crash
Inner karma strikes a backlash
For precaution, your marriage will be a bitch
When you decide to marry rich
Hate to admit
Husband won’t commit
Inevitably he’ll cheat
Using you like a rancid piece of meat
That’s when you will cry like a baby, so boo-hoo
Finding out a stripper who is inked with a permanent tattoo
With his name on her ass
You’ll be mocked and lower your social class
As your false groupies will gossip and spread chatter
On accusations that won’t matter
All of your insecurities will falter
Hiding behind your boob-job in that Gucci halter
A New York Housewife with no cause
Career will be set on slow motion and then pause
Drinking habits eventually go untamed
And when you’re a parent, inner temperament will be maimed
Your bratty kids screaming in the background
Mid life crisis of 40 eventually rolls around

Your face won’t be very pretty
Wrinkles and lines will pave your personal shitty
Injections of Botox and synthetics
Poisoned cosmetics
All of this will give you cancer and tumors
Days roll into years, now plagued on rumors
Back when you were conceited
With the indulgence of being needed

So all the selfish selfies that you click now
Will matter not as you paint in your eyebrow
Aesthetically trapped
Frivolously wrapped
Falling into that pitfall of selling yourself cheap
Eventually struggling for beauty sleep

Injections of silicon will make you ill
Tainted bloodstream won’t be saved by a green & white pill
Feeling unsatisfied
In a false fantasy ride

Being young makes one invincible
The illusion you feed your brain is convincible
At this time on your path things are a gift
But when you finally hit your 50’s it’ll be a rift
Depression will settle in
Wondering even where to begin
Cause’ you’ll want to start over
Searching for your 4-leaf clover
Wishing on the stars
Reading lost memoirs
Recalling how your achievements were once full of luck
But then remembering all those people you had fucked
Not in sex
Or even your ex
It’s that your inner ego lacks kindness
You have forever resided in blindness
Dismissing your true companions who cared
The ones you cut loose and snared
For instance, like brushing me aside
You are ignorant, rude and snide
Becoming this bourgeoisie cunt
Pulling a disappearing stunt
But when you resurface it’s always about me me me
And from that, I can no longer guarantee
That I’ll be there
When you decide to text me once again during your despair
Reason’s being that you’re self-centered, neglectful and a hypocrite
There, I said it
One day when you least expect – shit will hit the fan
In regards to God not liking your plan
Convincing yourself throughout all your international travels that you’re evolved
But you don’t have it resolved
The rules your celestial contract wrote in blood
Eventually you’re going to down slide and fall deeply into the mud
So for now
People bow
Assuming you’re all that
Not realizing you use others as a door mat
Don’t worry honey
Your destiny with money
Will eventually wash away
And the only thing remaining will be the faded memories of yesterday

reasons of “why”


Never understood gossip and rumors
Constantly creating verbal tumors
That chit chatter and unnecessary banter
Like cheap rose’ wine in a Baccarat crystal decanter
You fill up your vessel with fermentation
A vulgarity of language in deprecation
Always in a state of a complained rhyme
As you begin to nickel and dime
Bartering with the universe of why you have it so bad
Creating cosmic forces of becoming mad
Questions of how you got where you are
Thus far
You see, since birth
Your soul chose to join forces with planet earth
Wanting to create and beautifully manifest
A world of abundance towards a particular quest
But then along the way you became discorded
And now feel unrewarded
By your lack of money, social status and even your grace
So you falsify and plaster make-up on that face
Pretending to be someone you’re not
In the end, God has a celestial plot
And if you’re not privy to using your third eye
You will inevitably deny
Subconsciously ignoring the gifts you possess
As your journey becomes chaotic and a mess
Drop everything and follow the light
Release all that shit and embark to rewrite
Of all the wonderful things you really want
And begin to illuminate and flaunt
A new version of how things can be
Because there is magic when you utilize your powers to align and see
So let me give you a word of advice
But please don’t be close-minded because it will pay the price
My suggestion is to listen to Solfeggio frequencies
Altering your brain waves to eliminate this disease
I know you think I’m a freak
For when I give this type of recommendation it makes you shriek
Perhaps this lifetime you were meant to experience suffering
Using these misfortunes as a blanket of buffering
I know you’re financially stuck
But who gives a fuck
For you have the power to change
Completely rearrange
This will only work if you realize
And baptize
Anointing yourself with a new rhythm of vibration
Plant the seeds to a positive mutation
Otherwise you’ll forever be blinded
Absent minded
I know I sound like a broken cassette tape
Hoping to teach you how to escape
Out of doom and gloom
As you consistently assume
That things will always be against your favor
So begin to waiver
Relinquish your doubt
Begin to root and sprout
From crappiness
To happiness
This all may sound silly
But really?
When you give things a try
You will eventually understand the reasons of “why”


Blessed be, pray thy name
Family will always remain
The center of my heart
Even though we have to depart
Loving memories of you my dear cousin
A thousand kisses sent to heaven by the dozen
Somber mood of sorrow so sad
But now you are with uncle john and granddad
Tears of mourning turn to joy
Remembering when you were just a young boy
Photographs imprinted in my soul
Your spirit is now whole
I hope you know how much I loved you
Even during these emotions of feeling blue
You were my hero along with my brother
With aunt violet being your mother
Goodbye Glenn
Until we meet another time, then..
Please know you were always admired
By how you treated me when I was a little girl
You held me up and gave me a twirl
Always smiling with bright eyes
Wishing I could reverse time counter-clockwise
glenn and gary


you’re no longer in my life
because yours is of a chaotic strife
always moaning
complaining with your conditional groaning
rarely having anything good to say
you negatively convey
your words are toxic and full of frustration
consumed of a vocabulary of manipulation
on how you see me and others
always in a state of verbal smothers
as you talk shit about the people you know
your ass has got to go
of what you literally think of me
you filthy bourgeois
you’re all high and mighty
but i am a reincarnated Aphrodite
having empathic powers beyond your imagination
using love for manifestation
quite honestly it’s hard to be around you
and you have no conscious clue
that your judgment, hate and condescending attitude
makes you unconditionally rude
unfortunately with your small mind
it is a struggle to learn how to be kind
the reason why you’re sick and choke
is for the fact you are spiritually broke
yeah, you pray to god
for you still think your universe is a fraud
you don’t have faith in source anymore
worshiping the lord as you beg to the floor
this rhythm of destruction you’re in
you believe is a sin
there is no such thing
for your brain makes you cling
onto this unwanted mental crap
you need a big slap
across your face
to stop this disgrace
please wake up
stand up
and begin changing how you speak
end being weak
so i’ve got to walk away
as you emotionally sway
you absent minded schmuck
for i just don’t give a fuck