not worth my time

.. I have so much wisdom that has been granted to me on such a Celestial level. My hands, mind and body are here to create… anything else is not worth my time. Huh.. I just did FaceTime with a friend and he said, “why don’t you get your lips done.” I had to think of what he meant for a moment. Standing my ground I replied, “.. at 52 I know who I am, my body nor ego needs no plumping up or augmentations.. because when I look in the mirror I would be looking at a stranger.. hoping to be someone else. I want to look back at ME.”



“.. I understand most people are on the wave length of energy to only discuss their personal issues, due to their lack of alignment with their soul.. and it’s not that I am a snob and don’t want to have superficial conversations with you.. it’s that I am, and always have been, on an astonishing frequency of vibration. And yes, I am aware that I may have reached out to you, during some moments in time, telling you of my issues.. but my QUEST of connection was far deeper than you may have understood. However, let’s converse about the meaning of life, and of how the soul chooses to incarnate or reincarnate inside our divine temples.. and let’s vibrationally connect and expand our knowledge of what we can do to heal mother earth… then we can “chat” .. otherwise, have fun watching your game shows, talk shows, gossiping about other people, posting your selfie after selfie of every angle of your face and boobs.. and enjoy the negative chatter from your monotone voices and keep wondering why you are always sick, broke or lonely… because quite honestly.. that type of language is foreign to me and we will never see heart to heart, eye to eye or soul to soul.” – sincerely, my Soul

burp, fart .. yawn, yawn


.. the little girl said
as she read the secrets in your head
“you are 2-faced”
“with a sarcastic bad taste”
bitter, condescending and verbally negative
you have little room to forgive
falsely saying “you’re my friend”
but instead, spend
too much time not supporting me
you see.
even though I’m wearing second hand jeans
I am by no means
poor or destitute
your demeanor is such a snoot
so quit being rude
and socially shrewd
as you discuss me with others
like with your husband, mother and your brothers
bad talk is not my thing
but you wear yours like it’s a cheap engagement ring
you boast about the material crap you falsely possess
and you’re short sided by how life is a game of manipulated chess
you’ll never win
as you have an evil twin
who only idolizes those that are accomplished and successful
and look down on artists who are currently distressful
don’t worry
not in a hurry
my glory will one day come
and when it does… you’re not allowed to enjoy in the fun
cause’ you put me down when I was at my lowest point
and from that.. you’ll never be invited when I smoke a joint
I never indulge in pot
marijuana or a rolled weed is rarely in my plot
just letting loose
that’s my excuse
in my sweet revenge of celebration
as I rejoice in my wealth of a glorious manifestation
one day, my Filthy Laundry clothing will be on the cover of a magazine
expressing that my company is kick-ass and Queen
I even have connections with millionaire rappers and musicians
putting me in several financial abundant positions
my vibration only wants individuals who are like minded
and you my dear, are 3rd eye blinded
take care
don’t spare
your energy, reason or rhyme
of why I wrote this poem at this time
my advice is to just move on
burp, fart .. yawn, yawn.

burp, fart.. yawn, yawn


Bending backwards in my sequined dress
My lips told him I must confess
Demonstrated that my posture was practicing yoga not Reiki
As he replies, “Damn girl you’re so fuckin’ flakey”
“Still doin’ that energy shit”
He rudely spoke with a sarcastic wit
Yes, I said
And it’s to offer healing before you’re dead!
He looked at me with crossed eyes
Along with a blink of judgment molded with pure demise
“Why don’t you get your life together and get a real job”
“Cause you act like a superficial snob”
“No one believes in this voodoo crap”
Words flooded out of his mouth as he took another slanderous lap
“You’re constantly talking about vibrations and signs from ghosts”
“Even babbling that you have out-of-body experiences on your Facebook posts”
“What do you think you’re the Dalai Lama?”
“Unwanted attention with all of your clairvoyance drama!”
Without a sound, I just sat there saying nothing
For I’m not a puppet to react to negative upswing
He kept on throwing profane punches
But my vibes had a few hunches
About him
This dude named Jim
Or was it Bruce, Johnny or Tony?
Unquestionably he was hypocritical and so phony
Not that it matters for he’s a bigot and an atheist
Perhaps he felt I was a Satanist
Or even a religious bitch
Confession at best, gotta’ tell you I’m a reincarnated witch
He nudged me with his elbow as I invaded his space
Such ill etiquette exhibited an ignorance of grace
People keep lies hidden so deep
Without utilizing their 3rd eye they live life cheap
Selling themselves short
While building a personal fort
Most are in a labyrinth of pain
From a path gathering artificial gain
Always pointing fingers
As their prosecution lingers
You see, as a clairsentient I feel right through your darkened light
Rather the absence of it as you foolishly conceal your plight
So many humans complain, and moan about what they don’t possess
Perpetually manifesting unwanted cancerous distress
My gift is to directly connect with your soul of truth
Yet, when you falsify your world it becomes uncouth

“Aren’t you listening to me?”
He yelled with a plea
I glared back in silence
Through his wavering defiance
Stepping forward as I calmly spoke
Towards this precarious bloke
I whispered, ‘open up your chakras and smile from within’
‘Happiness will wash away any unwanted sin’

There’s an enriched purpose why you throw judgment and capture hate
Your anxiety threads such an explosive weight
Even your emptiness omits jealousy and greed
One who lacks success shows off an impulsive need
Now let’s focus on your sex life
Sensing it’s a conflicting strife
Seems to be forcefully unaligned
And you had a bitter divorce, so let’s rewind
His eye brows raised with a surprised shock
For the story of his universe reveals itself to me like an opened padlock
How on earth would I even guess this?
I’m psychic so don’t dismiss..
Plus there’s reasons why this dude doesn’t feel any great worth
It happened right after birth
In an avalanche of script I voiced, ‘You were adopted and given away’
‘And all of your days on this planet you felt a saddened act of maternal betray’
Feeling unloved and alone
As your passive aggressiveness took over like an Alabama cyclone
Weaving in and out of your bi-polar phase
You’ve created a belligerent maze
Never faithfully fulfilled
So ya’ have to rebuild
Quite frankly I could go on and on
Hoping you will no longer think I’m a con
Eventually you’ll wipe away that smug look
After you read my top-selling published book
Because the last chapter talks about you
As it reveals on page 666 on how you have no clue
For your brain cannot conceive of god
And you think angels are downright odd
Eventually you’ll turn to a higher power
When the devil takes your health to devour
Nonetheless, don’t worry
For you will metamorphose again in a manifested hurry
Next time you’ll learn the art of compassionate benevolence
And strip your past with mockery of defense

Even with all that I explained
This guy was still so ridiculously chained
To his conviction of conceited chauvinism
A product of his environment of racism
He views most things in black and white
Obliviously unaware to the Power of Now and the Awakening of an Ethereal Appetite
About not understating that we’re all particles of protons and neutrons
Oh, and also the magnificence of merging electrons
Sadly most individuals are boxed into an empty reality
Caught up in a rotation of doubting themselves, demeaning others and worldly debauchery
That’s okay for there are immortals like me
Planting seeds of celestial knowledge in a temple whom I call Rosemarie

(. )( .)

She’s such a homemade slut
Being so artificially cut
It’s not really from her augmentations
But her selfish celebrations
Her intention is hollow
But she’s got 99,000 goonies who follow
Jerking off with her every move
Her demeanor will never improve
Where her fashion is crude
Bourgeoisie and rude
Plastic, molded and modified
On her backside
Fake implants in her ass
Lacking from a graceful social class
When she poses she sticks her booty out
Along with her fish lipped pout
Pulling a Kardashian
Apparently seems to be the plan
Getting attention from her looks
Is the only bait on her fish hooks
A touch ditzy and an etiquette full of cheap
Her brain waves have collapsed and fallen asleep
Chicks like her keep on breeding faster than rabbits
A spoiled Junior wannabe filled with bad habits
She’ll never settle down
High strung with a crooked crown
But as her latest photograph shows it
One of her bosoms has an exposed tit
Nipple pasties to cover
As your eyes focus to discover
That she’s wearing basically next to nothing
Artificial boobs (. )( .) held up by a flimsy string
What’s really going through their empty heads
By wearing such scantily threads
It’s clearly not fashion
But a sexual diluted passion
To exude yourself as though your exotic
Instead, she creates a path of chaotic
Judgment claims that her soul is so lost
She doesn’t care the price it may cost
Obviously no one is going to take her seriously
When she removes her clothes mysteriously
For these girls today love to showcase
And embrace
Themselves as a whore
Nothing is sacred anymore
It’s X-rated drama
Perhaps seeded from childhood trauma
I can understand if you’re a porn star
As exhibitionism to the norm is a touch bazaar
You could even get away with it when you’re a dominatrix or a fetish queen
Because so much money is in the green
To me, that’s art
Being successful, your mind must be super smart
For your cranium has to play another role
When you show off your sphincter hole
However with her
It’s a blur
She cries for attention
Her social media channel is her extension
When you sell yourself out
One day you’ll question, “what was all of that about?”
Even though it’s a spiritual controversy
In time she’ll beg for mercy
To find a better path
Stained with a tumultuous wrath
In her heart
As the devil throws a dart
Right now she’s still young and blinded
Severely absent minded
Hopefully she searches for the truth
After realizing she’s morally uncouth


man marries beautiful woman
has babies with her
she boasts on how “blessed” her life is
souped-up Mercedes
4.5 carat diamond.. i think
flashy fingernails
showing off her ring on the expensive steering wheel
another multitude of selfies
an album of selfies proclaiming her blessings
being rich is not to boast
humility comes with being humble
wealth comes from the heart
.. as my story goes
his occupation allowed him to travel
he travels to Hawaii
he has an affair just after a few years of being married
tumultuous lies
creates challenges for his current marriage
divorces his 2nd wife and leaves his kids
temporarily leaves his kids
to rearrange his new life
moving to another state across the Pacific ocean
it’s still part of America
.. but it’s on an island
he has other kids from his first marriage
they’re all grown up.. sort of
yet leaves his current family behind
a “baby” is an infant before they reach the age of 3
a “kid” is a big child between the ages of 7 and 9
a “preteen” is the age of 10 to 12
.. so a 4 to a 6 year old is a “child”
children need their father
man claims to love Jesus
wears t-shirts that says he does
not concerned for his broken hearted abandoned wife
children have no concept of the issue at hand
i thought children come with the contract of marriage
people are not like dogs
animals you trade
people you keep
no choice but for her to move on
man moves into the diluted dream of an illusion
coconuts and palm trees be with his mistress
mistress becomes his 3rd wife
she also, has kids
photographs his life and takes on a new persona
but eventually.. fate catches up
man has heart attack
no blocked artery
but his spirituality is obstructed
life is not medical, and nothing happens by accident
.. everything is energy
perhaps it’s karma
hope he’s happy
(deleting in 24 hours)
(here’s the thing with facebook..
even though i attempt to mind my own business..
we have our lives splattered everywhere).
nothing is sacred.. anymore.