..my mother. The Goddess (circa 1947 bridesmaid)

..my mother. The Goddess (circa 1947 bridesmaid)



man marries beautiful woman
has babies with her
she boasts on how “blessed” her life is
souped-up Mercedes
4.5 carat diamond.. i think
flashy fingernails
showing off her ring on the expensive steering wheel
another multitude of selfies
an album of selfies proclaiming her blessings
being rich is not to boast
humility comes with being humble
wealth comes from the heart
.. as my story goes
his occupation allowed him to travel
he travels to Hawaii
he has an affair just after a few years of being married
tumultuous lies
creates challenges for his current marriage
divorces his 2nd wife and leaves his kids
temporarily leaves his kids
to rearrange his new life
moving to another state across the Pacific ocean
it’s still part of America
.. but it’s on an island
he has other kids from his first marriage
they’re all grown up.. sort of
yet leaves his current family behind
a “baby” is an infant before they reach the age of 3
a “kid” is a big child between the ages of 7 and 9
a “preteen” is the age of 10 to 12
.. so a 4 to a 6 year old is a “child”
children need their father
man claims to love Jesus
wears t-shirts that says he does
not concerned for his broken hearted abandoned wife
children have no concept of the issue at hand
i though children come with the contract of marriage
people are not like dogs
animals you trade
people you keep
no choice but for her to move on
man moves into the diluted dream of an illusion
coconuts and palm trees
..to be with his mistress
mistress becomes his 3rd wife
she also, has kids
photographs his life and takes on a new persona
but eventually.. fate catches up
man has heart attack
no blocked artery
but his spirituality is obstructed
life is not medical, and nothing happens by accident
.. everything is energy
perhaps it’s karma
hope he’s happy
(deleting in 24 hours)
(here’s the thing with facebook..
even though i attempt to mind my own business..
we have our lives splattered everywhere).
nothing is sacred.. anymore.


Society has changed

A little deranged

Social etiquette seems to be apparently lost

Communication in an icy frost

Words of the heart lack genuine grace

Proper manners out of distinct place

I’m old enough to know

Negligence feels like a blow

Where many women just don’t give a shit

Failing to verbally commit

False affection and wasted goodwill

Absent of benevolence or even excited thrill

Like when..

I was ten

Past memories when others were delighted

Exuberantly excited

To hear what you’ve been up to

Collaborated vocabulary on queue

Yet today

We stray

Consumed in a time of self-absorption

Snubbed energy mimics monumental abortion

Cords cut

Deep in your gut

My intuition was right

Not worth the fight

To reason

Or justify the altercation of a new season

Only childhood friendships are perpetual and forever

Bound by blood with trust which no one can sever

I remember a time

When fingers slipped in a dime

It would click with a jingle

As the rotary dial rang with a dingle

Ringing anticipation

A fantasy of narration

To call someone locally

In a pay phone to converse vocally

Truly miss those moments of genuine pleasure

When close acquaintances treated you like a lost treasure

But today

In my dismay

People block, disregard and purposely ignore

Dialogue is now a boring chore

We live in an age of open windows and closed doors

An odd competition of electronic wars

Showing you endless pictures of our broadcasted diary

Some not for a public inquiry

The essence of the soul would rather take selfies than chat

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become an (un)welcome mat

Brushing sacred interaction under the rug

As they unplug

Shutting you off like a broken switch

Our dress code in human compassion has a dysfunctional glitch

Phone unknown



“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.

And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”


heaven help us.. our country should be of “loving people”.. not war. This should not be a country where something, once again, is unspeakable. “Dear Heavenly Universe,…” https://www.yahoo.com/gma/texas-church-scene-shooting-report-192705171–abc-news-topstories.html



My amazing sis.
As I like to fondly reminisce.
Looking through our family photos of the past.
It’s obvious she has a beautiful light.
As you can see her wearing virgin white.
The 70’s must’ve been such a blast.

Even though she has brilliant brains.
Her long legs gave the boys heart pains.
Janet was the grooviest chick in our suburban town.
Having that gorgeous “Breck” shampooed hair.
How could anyone compare.
Cause’ she was the sexiest girl with golden locks of brown.

As her little sister of eleven years young.
My life was full of grand memories strung.
As she filled my ears with stories of adventures so grand.
Those who really don’t know her.
Will never understand that she’s a connoisseur.
A worldly woman who still has everything in the palm of her hand.

My happy birthday wish to my sista’.. even though I’m posting a day late.
Is to let her know she still has this energy in a magical state.
All it takes is the realization of recreating it.
Like in the good ole’ days I recall us walking our dog down the street.
And a groovy guy yelled out, “hey foxy lady” with a voice of not being discrete.
She sashayed like a noble queen in her skimpy outfit.

But no matter what she had on.
Whether she was wearing a cotton shirt, jeans or a dress made of chiffon.
The beauty of her temple comes from the deep fibers of this brilliant soul.
She is one of the most giving creatures I genuinely know.
With so much love and kindness which exudes from a natural bestow.
Without her, my world would not be the least bit whole.