heaven help us.. our country should be of “loving people”.. not war. This should not be a country where something, once again, is unspeakable. “Dear Heavenly Universe,…” https://www.yahoo.com/gma/texas-church-scene-shooting-report-192705171–abc-news-topstories.html




My amazing sis.
As I like to fondly reminisce.
Looking through our family photos of the past.
It’s obvious she has a beautiful light.
As you can see her wearing virgin white.
The 70’s must’ve been such a blast.

Even though she has brilliant brains.
Her long legs gave the boys heart pains.
Janet was the grooviest chick in our suburban town.
Having that gorgeous “Breck” shampooed hair.
How could anyone compare.
Cause’ she was the sexiest girl with golden locks of brown.

As her little sister of eleven years young.
My life was full of grand memories strung.
As she filled my ears with stories of adventures so grand.
Those who really don’t know her.
Will never understand that she’s a connoisseur.
A worldly woman who still has everything in the palm of her hand.

My happy birthday wish to my sista’.. even though I’m posting a day late.
Is to let her know she still has this energy in a magical state.
All it takes is the realization of recreating it.
Like in the good ole’ days I recall us walking our dog down the street.
And a groovy guy yelled out, “hey foxy lady” with a voice of not being discrete.
She sashayed like a noble queen in her skimpy outfit.

But no matter what she had on.
Whether she was wearing a cotton shirt, jeans or a dress made of chiffon.
The beauty of her temple comes from the deep fibers of this brilliant soul.
She is one of the most giving creatures I genuinely know.
With so much love and kindness which exudes from a natural bestow.
Without her, my world would not be the least bit whole.