C’est la vie


When life was grand
Without demand
Living high
Sad goodbye
Henry’s dead
No tears shed
Estate sale
My inheritance was lost in the mail
Greed of society blind(ed)
Absent mind(ed)
Things can never be the same
Memories remain
Missing you Penthouse
Now living like a mouse
Learning to be grateful
Not materialistic and hateful
I know my fate is coming
For the god’s are humming
Singing in my ear
That my wealth is approachingly near
Don’t want hand outs
Another person’s purse will bring doubts
My empire is being built
Absent of guilt
Fuck your pity
Along with your aristocratic committee
My time is only spent with those of respect
Far from neglect
That’s why you and I no longer chat
Spit spat
You’re toxic sludge
With your narcissistic grudge
Bourgeois and banter
Groomed vocabulary lacks canter
Equestrian you are not
3-legged sinister plot
Never staying in one place
Humility of grace
Failing to connect
Friendship of reject
So I’ll speak my mind once more
You’re a male whore
Selling yourself short
Your crowned Queen has no court
Playing chess with yourself and no one to watch
Masturbated stained crotch
The funny thing with this rhythmical prose
You’re not savvy enough to know I’m mocking you right under your nose
Even though you’re brilliantly educated beyond the moon
You lack compassion and your heart is harpooned
Trapped in your own hunger for the quest
Brings you unconscious for the rest
C’est la vie
Fortune found no longer impresses me
Threads fail to hold any conversation captivating
Cutting all ties and letting you vanish is liberating


When I knew about this back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the causal conversation amongst friends was just that.. private conversations. There was no note taking, or tape recorders of what I would like to publish now. But several friends I knew from Saratoga Springs and Albany, NY have been deeply involved in NXIVM and at the time, I thought is was bizarre on how much money they contributed and the sexual favors they did. Even now, I cannot name names, but know details to what happened with Keith Raniere with a few of my friends. I am blown away that NOW after 18 or 19 years that people are getting it.. … I lived in Saratoga Springs, NY and met Keith only once back in the 90’s.. and knew he was a weirdo even then. Several friends of mine were involved with Keith Raniere.. thank god for social media today. Social medium will finally burn this asshole for everything he’s done. He is such a sociopath and manipulator. Taking millions from people I know. Burn in hell Keith.


there’s so much chatter
with conversations that do not matter
i’m rarely included
my voice is diluted
divided and divisible
out numbered
superficial language encumbered
if i express how i genuinely feel
they’ll turn it around and make my views unreal
never engaging
my thoughts
tying them in knots
not in a good way
but in dismay
clueless to what i’m capable of
them lacking a 3rd eye view of mindful love
they need spiritual mending
yes they’re quite smart and financially successful
but ego makes things stressful
for me
i need a referee
someone to back me up
because they don’t view me as a grown up
always trying to prove that they’re right
inflated unconsciousness on a non-stop flight
talking for hours about their life
giving me emotional strife
with stories lacking substance and humility
there’s no god-like tranquility
i’m suffocating
unreasonably contemplating
for i have nothing to add
so i become mad
being removed
when i start to chime in
hoping to speak from within
and share my stories of grand
but they’ve got the upper hand
and glaze over anything i wish to say
and i’m overwhelmed with emotions of dismay
like i have no value in what i bring to the table
as i continue to feel feelings of being unstable
looked at like I don’t matter
there’s so much stupid chatter


Warning that I must part
No longer love with my heart
This wolf craves your lost sheep
Counting them cause’ I can’t sleep
Dreaming to have you deep inside of me
Mesmerized by a single skeleton key
The one tightly worn around my throat
Unlocking a secret diary of poems I wrote
My desires long to fuck once more
Debauchery turned me into a whore
Unfaithfulness predicted
I’m aware that his bed is taken
Dishonor has forsaken
It’s all your fault
As new wifey sprinkled the salt
Inside my open cut
When she found out I was your slut
Her bite turned my blood savage
And therefor wish to ravage
Devouring your sexed temple of skin
This continued hungering for you is pure sin
It seems drugged potion was tainted
When your solicitation became acquainted
That dark night in your Lamborghini
As you went down and tore off my bikini
Warm spit
Such deviant wit
A woman has the power to refuse
No longer wish to be your savaged muse
Mixed feelings become quite taunting
But merging with you is more haunting
So I must leave
And watch you grieve
This salacious lust
Layered with mistrust
But a word of forethought
Your bad behavior will again get you caught
Next time she may be the “Fatal Attraction”
Beware of another female distraction


don’t accuse
me for your mishaps
or negative traps
you complain
mary jane
endlessly on your issues
no need for tissues
you see
once your thoughts agree
to alter
not falter
your subconscious mind
will rewind
this tragedy of being a victim
declaration dictum
choose to be happy
not crappy
energy will manifest what you put out
so don’t pout
it’s like magic
but you made your world tragic
repeating that same old shit
don’t you get?
that everything in your universe
even the bankruptcy and illness you called a curse
was created by your energy of vibration
it’s called manifested manipulation
you better watch what you think
cause’ the reality of your words are morphed in a blink
not really right away
it takes source to deliver in 48 hours plus a day
being human in all of this confusion
is just an illusion
the soul
is not whole
it’s a part of quantum mechanics and space odyssey divide
you cannot hide
the reason why you are here
my dear
if you don’t align with god
and it’s not religion or the bomb squad
it’s what the stars and black holes are made of
full of infinitely divine love
I am hear to uplift your heart
so you don’t have to restart
reincarnation comes way too fast
like lightening storms in a tumultuous weather forecast
we are made of a similar current of intensity
cellular density
you have the ability to change things on a dime
all you have to do is stop time
refocus your breath
before your destined death
understanding the diversity of why you came here
and when the fogs does clear
you’ll eventually discover your own voice
realizing this moment is a gift
to lift
your planet of pain
into bubbles like a glass of champagne
get drunk with joy, bliss and beauty
that is your celestial duty