poetry in motion



I have noticed that too many photographers and an over-abundant of models love to shoot in the nude. There is an over saturation of gaudy and fraud on the Internet when photographs feel they need to photograph women who are barely clothed or nothing at all. I see it way too often, where it gives an essence of cheapness, when that is all they do. A WOMAN is already beautiful when she is subtly revealed.. not cheapened or demeaned when she is in the bare. The beauty of her is deep within her sensuality of self, for she IS ALREADY POETRY in motion.

shoot with my muse Valentina, photo by Tek Le at the Hard Rock Suite in Vegas




We never realize the lives we may touch
Perhaps thinking we aren’t valued that much
Many women honestly don’t believe they have this internal power
Because at times we are so delicate like a sensitive flower
One pluck of a petal
Can screw and mettle
Your emotional sensibility
People enjoy challenging our hidden vulnerability
It’s at those times we may shatter and fall flat to the ground
Hoping to be rescued and found
So lost
Depression comes at a cost
But the actual seed is already planted within your belly
When your knees are weak and feel like jelly
Each of us hold ROYAL blood
Wipe off that mud
You know, those times you have trouble getting up
Hiding behind your false smile as a cosmetic cover-up
Expand your feathered wings
Fly and triumphantly walk in the land of the Kings
Penetrate a force of growth
Sprout and take your oath
Your spiritual pledge of these phenomenal fated vows
Which roots within your chakras and flourishes a rouse
An allegiance with god
This sovereign deity which is clearly not fraud
I think we must unequivocally understand
Each destiny has already been planned
In addition, the soul has a very magical beat of manifestation
Energetically we can manipulate the vibrations of illumination
There are elements of divine beauty
But on the contrary, there’s this lodged booger called a cootie
It’s blaming or criticizing another person
From your internal worsen
Did you know that when you unmindfully judge
And mother frickin’ fudge
Deliberately twisting straight knots into a tangled mess
Due to your own conflicting distress
And furthermore, this contaminates your molecular atoms and pulsating cells
It’s like you purposely casted your own voodoo of bad spells
The repercussion of it all, is when your life continues to spiral and fatally crash
For the fact that you stupidly backstab and backlash
Alter your mindset
Terminating your habitual bad attitude of hollowed concept
Nothing is really reality
Once comprehended, the knowledge of it all will offer your 3rd eye a conscious tranquility
What I mean is that everything is an illusion
Unfortunately, for those unaligned.. well, this planet can be a bit of a confusion
And the phenomenon of it all, is that we are here for only one single test
You’ll have to figure out the rest
The plethoric journey is all about “love”
Where the answers reside in the heavens above
Our infinite galaxy is impossible to be controlled
Resistance to it all will show you obliteration as you attempt to forcefully mold
Fitting a circle into a square
The choices you make can literally scare
Cultivating this feeble foundation
For cracks, bruises and frustration
In the end, Mother Earth reveals to us what’s inside
And doesn’t want you to divide
Race, religion or creed
For a one-day you’ll most likely need..
A stranger’s hand
Extended to you without a demand
Showing you another way
Through your crooked sidewalk which you built in dismay
Sometimes it’s hard to stand straight on your own
When mortals foolishly throw a stone
With prosecution of critical thought
Leaving your confused mind in a dangerous wrought
The golden key is to fully block out and ignore
The repercussions of facing the opposite, is when retaliation becomes such a chore
My philosophy is to treat life with “no fucks given”
For I am artistically driven
A word of advice: “another person’s opinion matters not”
Towards your path’s plot
Whether it’s coming from family, friend or foe
Their aftermath of how they hastily think, is not worth your woe
Make your own road and dive deep
Be the black sheep
Buzz away from the loud crap
Design your own freelanced map
Put on your butterfly wings and diva pink crown
Smile and never frown
For the female is a warrior Queen
From the moment she steps away from anything that will demean
For me, when I open my eyes
Indeed I become more rhythmically wise
Harnessing the jeweled gifts we have inside
Is the solution to our happiness of abundant pride
Once we accept that we are not alone
We reign and shine on our own personal throne
It takes multiple forms of unforeseen catastrophe to get us there
Nonetheless, vanquish despair
Bad hardships we face is part of the preverbal contract
Don’t distract
Instead, brush off the unwanted dust
And begin to wholeheartedly trust
In this supremely angelic Source
Crystal stars of the universe have such a cosmic force
Reincarnation is not a lie
For one day your breath will vanish, but not die
You may have to do this all over again
Changing the world, not with anger or doubt.. but with zestful Zen

poem: ROYAL


Leftovers, is something I truly hate. You know when a man is looking to “date” you, either after his divorce, or even shortly after his recent breakup. I don’t like casually filling in someone’s boring or routine box of empty space. Give me an extrasensory electromagnetic field of vortex attraction, which moves the ground below me, something that I can sink my teeth into with a salaciously hypnotic energy of touch and earth shattering conversations; where we talk about nothing common but focus on the art of life and the humanitarian aspects of our human relationships that we have with this world. Sex is inevitable when there is an attraction, but I believe in planting seeds for something to harvest. I am not an “eat and run” kinda’ girl.

And let’s veer on this diverse subject called ROMANCE: romance is far from my diary pages of “hey let’s go out to dinner or a movie and come back to my place to find you between my sheets” chapter. How standardly ordinary. Romance is all about the intrigue, the desire to want something and molding it within your mind in all angles to sculpt how things should be. How you dreamed them to be. Things in which you want to become real, all begin in an energy alignment of “ask, believe, and receive”; a fantasy of vibrant colors and illusions and a mystified state of connection. Source always delivers what you ask for.

When I was very young, I remember being flown to the top of a building in New York City. More than once, actually. Kind of like out of the over publicized 50 Shades frenzy, but far better, for it was not a fantasy yet reality. And in the apartment there were many rooms, but in one of his boutique rooms was a round table, set for 2 with French ivory linen draping to the floor, adorning the area set for dinner with regal china, Baccarat goblets of champagne and crystal water glasses. The meal was prepared by his private chef, who left the house after he served us the full courses. Yet, the most intriguing item placed on the table, besides the diamond earrings in a tied blue velvet box, (which I must admit, I lost along the way..) was a recent publication of a Harlequin romance novel. With a silk tiny gold ribbon, placed neatly inside a section saved. He read it to me, a few of the pages, before the 2nd course, and after the last. It was a story about how the female character was yearning to kiss her beloved for the first time. Lips pressed to anxious lips. Trying not for the heat of your breath to give away all of your hidden secrets. People should write about the act of kissing, for it is dearly an art which stands alone. The wanting to kiss someone but refraining from doing it, is a gift which many are unfortunately unaware of. So “dating” someone is not my cup of tea. Instead, I am into the satisfying circumference of oxygenated love; unfortunately a sensory of dopamine many men are not aligned with. Very few understand my rhythm of vocabulary, however, I have encountered a few who unequivocally have known exactly what I meant without my lips having to explain it. Dating … please.. next.


some men can be such losers.. even more than women. the PAST.. is the past.. move on. when someone is pushed to the side to replace someone else.. don’t even come back knocking on my door to tell me “it didn’t work out”. not interested in vibrations with a lower light. (my enlightenment for the day).

for Janell

Thank you to News Station 8 Las Vegas Now with Mauricio Marin to interview Matt Lewis and Janell Simonson Lewis. Please donated to their cause and spread the word. LINK for the GO FUND ME Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/helpsavejanell.
Here is the interview from Mauricio Marin from Channel 8 (CBS – local affiliate KLAS) in Las Vegas: http://www.lasvegasnow.com/…/community-rallies-be…/675544807

I have not seen Janell Simonson Lewis or Matt Lewis in ages, but when I think of them, it’s always in a positive light. From time to time I love to Google them on Youtube, to see what Elvis is up to. And just now, I found this video of Janell’s 40th birthday that was posted in 2015. It made me laugh and giggle and SMILE.. and Energy as we know it, heals many things. Laughter they say is the best medicine.