My buyer was very unobtrusive
As she told me her purchase was exclusive
Stating that she found me through a mutual celebrity friend
As her sweet voice proclaimed: “I’m famous too, I can’t pretend”
“The lights and paparazzi have created a stir”
“For I need a killer suit to make my life a blur”
I laughed in a cute gesture and told her she was a Poet
And in perfect timing she replied back, “don’t ya’ know it”
(perhaps she’s going to wear this in Belize)
(or even the Florida Keys)
So I’m preparing to ship her jewels of luxury out this afternoon
As I emotionally swoon
It’s not every day you meet royalty from Hollywood
Mums the word.. which we both understood




We manifest EVERYTHING in life. The process is such an extraordinary journey, but many of us create such hardships and devastation; whether it’s a soul contract or the way the lack of unaligned energy resonates within a person. Meaning that, it’s not what you say, or even think.. but the ENERGY behind what you say or think. Most people focus on the “reality” of their life, and then complain on a continuum when the reality continues to persist. It’s not that I know more than “you”, it’s just that my alignment with energy is so profound, that my life has been magic so often, too many times. Nonetheless, so many times I want to grab and shake those who resonate on this boxed in, selfish, me-me-oh why me-negativity in their life.. because they are usually pointing fingers of who did this or why this is happening.. when all along, the finger should be pointing within. We blame and maim and shame others, when in the “reality” of it all, the reason why it’s happening, is because our own energy called upon it and manifested it to happen. The LESSON is “how you react to something or a situation” and the KEY, is when compassion or LOVE or forgivingness follows, then the chords of chaos are broken, and the accession begins to bring you to a higher soul vibration. The key is to realize that we manifest everything in our lives.The MAGIC is to realize that you can manipulate energy, with everything, if you use is wisely, judiciously and constructively with positive frequencies.

You can certainly change where you live and where you work, switch new friends for old ones, perhaps buy a new house and rearrange your things. even go from lover to lover – but it seems that IF you never change your way of VIBRATIONAL thinking, sadly you will forever remain right where you are.



Don’t assume
That you’re gonna’ resume
A close relationship with me
Extremely delirious, don’t you see?
Let me briefly rewind
Your delusional mind
When I left Saratoga Springs back in 2006
You handed me a bag of crappy tricks
It was full of illusion, lies and distrust
Pondering over you today, are explosive emotions of disgust
It’s funny how the human brain thinks
Inner lack of connection did thee jinx
You double crossed
On multiple episodes of exhaust
Where was your morality?
If we got married, you would’ve had major issues of legality
But, from all the neglect
You might just wanna’ reflect
Never once admitted that you did wrong
Ego created within, like the vicious King Kong
Strong looking on the outside
But completely careless when merged with pussy of animalistic collide
Men and their infidelity
From your deplorable doings, it gave me possession of tongue to express this sarcastic vulgarity
Feeling I have to attempt to explain
How you became so vain
Even though I should be over it
Moving back to Upstate kinda’ brings up other shit
Of how distant so many individuals were to me these past 11 years
For many of them are no longer in harmony with my current peers
Expecting to hang out while I’m back home?
Boy, they certainly have a dimwitted syndrome
From their failure and yours to genuinely care
For I certainly have no patience to mingle with them, or even have an affair
Neglectful comrades on their part
Lost compassion, and quite frankly they have no heart
But with you it’s another story
There is no continued glory
You know, with your proposal of sexual intent
I’ve gotta’ vent
For you chose her over my elegant beauty
I’m nouveau riche’
So now, I’m feelin’ a little snooty
Can’t you see that my eccentric taste has expanded?
Where my interests of a hierarchy has demanded
I’ve tapped into my grand nobility
And reached a state of tranquility
From living in Sin City
Through personal resilience I’m sitting socially pretty
My entourage of companionship is beyond wealthy and theatrically famous
Now you look at me with a different angle… but honestly, you can kiss my perfect anus
Not my peachy cheek
Pssst.. you know, that tiny hole that wants to flatulate towards you in a stinky freak
Isn’t that a great way to purge the parting?
Hasta la vista’ you snake
I’ve woken up from my dream state and now wide awake
It’s slapstick comedy, when word gets out of the people you know
Like when buddies who mistreat you, then find out where you’ve been, and now wanna’ take a sneak peek at your Chateau
That’s a mouthful
Just wanna’ keep my cool
On the contrary, feelin’ like an angry dog with a drool
But my images of them are rotten
From the land of forgotten
Therefore, they’re currently stale fish wrap
Old news of mishap
“Sparkle”.. what a joke
(That’s a private spit fire of memories I gag and choke)
But let’s focus on what really matters.. for I’m over you dude
Cause’ you were crude
And the same goes for many female cronies and allusive chums
Oh yawn.. now, they’re such humdrums
What a swell gal
Indecent pal
Like so many of my co-workers, neighbors and longtime mates
Being ignored and abandoned can hold gargantuan weights
Nonetheless, let’s get back to you
For you have no clue
Your simple ways can’t even keep up in my direction
Bored of your affection
I’m already “movin’ on up”
George Jefferson set the theme for this Rosie Renegade sitcom standup
From your ignorance I wrote pages of poems in poetic fire
I finally know my Worth of desire
For it’s certainly not with you, boo
Because I’m sittin’ high above a different kind of social crew
As memory recalls
You had big balls
And seduced a few close women I hung out with
However, you always claimed the 5th
Deny, deny, deny
Was your lame alibi
There were a few insidious chicks
I hate tossing around names in public, cause’ I’d rather be throwing bricks
Perhaps damaging a few things that they hold dear
Maybe even key scratching their car’s veneer
As I reflect with a sinister appeal
I may create a voodoo spell of witchcraft so they can deeply feel
The agony of their multitude of deception
Which I’m sure they twisted it around to their selfish perception
Retaliation or evil payback isn’t good
Not attempting to be misunderstood
It’s a fantasy of thought
But I won’t wrought
Even though revenge is such a dirty endeavor
I’m proud that I’m a bit more clever
For all of my wretched acquaintances who fraternized with you
Well… their heart chakra and soul is a dirty shade of blue
My philosophy is never to get back at anyone
Because the grandeur in which I hold supersedes theirs… So I’ve already won
Not to be judgmental or rude
But I’ve seen their Facebook pictures and quite honestly, their lives are uneventful and emotionally unglued
Oh piss, I’ve already duplicate that verb in this poetic rap
Annoying memories of my past have created a Venus fly trap
Sentences fumble
Drama of opinion can leave me to mumble
Where did I leave off?
Oh yeah.. Cough, cough..
Yes, it was with this reminiscing anger of the hidden notes and emails I found
Which brought me to my knees crying to the ground
After I discovered on how many of my colleagues you fucked
As they took your little penis and then fornicated and grossly sucked
It’s those whores I wanna’ get back at
Cause I’m hissin’ like a riled up cat
But then I remember this thing called karma and fate
Time tends to hold and antiquate
Their appearance now is so antique
These commoners look so bleak
And damn, one other comment I must make
In between their Instagram of photos of fake
Jeeze, do they look old
I just gotta’ be bold
Age has certainly done a doozy and the mirror shows their truth
They no longer are slightly attractive or even hold a gentle youth
What did they really become?
Pond scum
I mean it’s been over one decade and all should be forgiven
But my bitter tongue still seems to be narrowly driven
Inner words have to release
So I can eventually find my peace
It’s healthy to articulate what bothers me in a form of creative expression
As it heals any unwanted depression
Perhaps it’s the anxiety of going back
I don’t wanna’ side track
And get stuck in the burbs of a small town
Bumping into those who make me frown
For I do recall
My world crumbled when a few bitches wrote graffiti on my private wall
And messed up my life
With their adulterous ways, even though I never became your wife
In all reality, how do your girlfriends screw around with your fiancé and try to hide it between the covers?
I mean really, couldn’t they find their own mother fuckin’ lovers?
With some of them, it was just a kiss
But how do you dismiss?
This type of sleazy affection
From your erection
Like when you did it with Karen, and went behind my back
Almost had a heart attach
When I realized
As I was chastised
Remember.. when you lip-locked and made out with her in the parking lot?
During Travers Day, you guys got drunk and thought you didn’t get caught
What a cheap lady…
You even said one dame had herpes and genital warts
It’s utterly fascinating what you did with this thing called recreational sports
That was with Susan
And when I see her, she’s aimin’ for a brusin’
It’s because of all the chaotic treachery I was put through, which was so profound
Kind of lost my clear sanity and packed everything away, moving towards the west bound
And it’s not that I want to travel back to a place I really don’t remember
For I desire to experience the changing of the seasons, and celebrate my birthday in the snow, during the month December
On a more positive note
Let me quote: “Surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and look out for your best interests.” stated Derek Jeter
And here’s another one: “Stay away from a cheater.”
Lord, I guess that’s a little negative and passive aggressive
For this poem has become a little excessive
To conclude this menagerie of prose
From the infamous budding Rose
I will absolutely engage with a few close homies who have continued to treat me with kindness
But everyone else who is not on my list.. well, they’re just unaligned with 3rd eye blindness
Eventually I’ll become rich and prestigious living on the California Coast
And all the memories that sent me to hell, will just be a distant ghost
The misfortune others create on your behalf can bring you to an unknown height
Sometimes, it takes many lifetimes over, to actually understand the perception of LIGHT



Mary Jane
You whine and waiver and groan
Squawking and griping with a negative moan
Your disease ..
If you please
Was created by you
Whether it was a soul contract or by the vibrations which manifested your dark hue
Here’s a hint
It’s already in your cellular blueprint
Reality is just an illusion
But because you’re not thoroughly aligned it becomes a mystery of unpromising confusion
Proceed to thread
A rhythm of positive thinking
And begin shrinking
This pessimistic and depressing translation
Use a grander narration
Speak words of love
Ask for guidance from the heaven’s above
For it is where you came from
The belly of your mum
You still hold divine seeds of creation
Yet you choose to stay in troubled damnation
Believe it or not,
The universe has a plot
It’s showing you through your poverty, loneliness or even illness
Nothing has a stillness
For everything is in constant motion
The key to prosperity is only adjusting your emotion
It’s simple
Begin using your dimple
And smile
For a little while
Through laughter and feeling happy
It will eventually take you out of your crappy
Nonetheless, if you choose to stay right where you are
Your world will carve a deeper scar
Perhaps one day you’ll find your way
And understand that the secrets are hidden in child’s play
Meaning one has to let loose
Cutting off this noose
Allowing your innocence to run crazy
Taking the time to smell a fresh daisy
Flowers really do hold the magic
So stop looking at everything with a mind of tragic
Pluck those petals of hope
View vibrant colors through a different kaleidoscope
Inspire a new path to visualize
Without question.. god will unfold even a greater surprise



[Brooding] Sometimes being a bride buying a bathing suit brings out the beast in a bitch. Bridegrooms, beaus and boyfriends beware. My best advice is to stay a bachelor and bequeath your ceremonial bash, grow a bold beard, then buy a big Benetti boat and navigate your life into the blue skies of becoming a billionaire beached playBoy. Rest assured, the borrowed baggage of emotional bankruptcy will birth her bi-polar behavior before your first baby boy is born. Eventually if she bears on with bad temperament it will blindly bruise, batter and perhaps blister your happiness of budding dreams. Borderline depression in a beautiful babe makes a girl bossy, as well as boldly being bawdy when she backstabs and blames you for her personal boredom. Leave her bulging butt behind and give your broad the boot. Bon Voyage and sail out to the Bahamas, Barbados or even Belize. Find a brazen blond or even a brunette bimbo in a bikini with a full breasted bosom and fraternize fondly in the form of boffing, but don’t besmirch with blunderingly befouled words. Life should be fun and bountiful, not burdened with a blood boiling bride-to-be who is bonkers and bosses everyone around like she’s in a battleground brigade with her bridesmaids. If you bravely wed, I bashfully offer you my bereavement. For you will soon find your body blazed bare in your own bed boozing down beer, or perhaps at a back street bar, drinking bottles of Beefeater or Bombay attempting to block out the blur of your brutal marital bliss. Blessings.