tremendous sadness in my city of Vegas

god bless those who were killed and injured that night on October 1, 2017. (and to my friend Porcelain who lost her best friend in the shooting). infinite blessings to the few of my friends who escaped that night, and to my friends and those who were shot in this horrible tragedy.


who are you?

The heart never has to remind itself where they have come from. Our roots of a divine ancestry is a place which should never be forgotten. I don’t care if a person comes from royalty, or even slavery, nobility, fame or even celebrity lives, or even the middle class or below that. The fact that we even live on this planet called Earth is a divine gift. Yet, with our unique and gifted consciousness, it’s surprising how so many people misuse it. As I look through my Instagram feed, we are such a selfish civilization. Selfie after selfie of me me me… Which I guess is a grand part of the artistic ability of expressing who we are. But as a total empath, someone who has a clairsentient ability to feel your soul… most are lost in a world of Celestial grandeur of the understanding of our gift of life or even being reincarnated in the first place. And if you don’t believe in reincarnation.. Believe it or not the human race traces back all the way to Africa. If my memory serves me right, our population emerge from Africa about 80,000 years ago. And as I’m looking at notes, in southern Africa, we began the split off from other living humans about 200,000 years ago. Stunning that we all come from the same blood. If you don’t know who you are you’ll never know where you’re going. Astonishingly, we’re not even human, for we actually came from the ocean not of the earth. And we are born with gills before they become lungs. Wrap your brain around that. And your ego will always give you the illusion that you’re something different. Respect yourself and then you will have the capability of respecting others.

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22 Greenfield

There was a time when I was rich
Wearing clothes of a silver lining stitch
In a world when life was grand
In the company of a 2 million dollar estate
Our mansion and carriage house holding celebrity weight
Located in my Saratoga Springs home land
Our stone Abby manor was unquestionably haunted
As we gallantly flaunted
The prestige of Baccarat and Tiffany
I miss my old lifestyle
And I’ll do anything worthwhile
To recreate such divine epiphany
My soul was born to be aristocratic
Where telltale secrets lay away in the attic
Calling me to claim my destined throne
My empathic heart hears their voices
As reincarnation has made these choices
Venturing with honor into the unknown


My buyer was very unobtrusive
As she told me her purchase was exclusive
Stating that she found me through a mutual celebrity friend
As her sweet voice proclaimed: “I’m famous too, I can’t pretend”
“The lights and paparazzi have created a stir”
“For I need a killer suit to make my life a blur”
I laughed in a cute gesture and told her she was a Poet
And in perfect timing she replied back, “don’t ya’ know it”
(perhaps she’s going to wear this in Belize)
(or even the Florida Keys)
So I’m preparing to ship her jewels of luxury out this afternoon
As I emotionally swoon
It’s not every day you meet royalty from Hollywood
Mums the word.. which we both understood