It’s my playfulness which keeps me young
Always speaking with a radiant tongue
Perhaps I get it from my mamma’s genes
Or even eating spinach, kale and healthy greens
I rarely if ever do smoke
Cough, (chuckle) choke choke
Every so often I will light up a Virginia Slims or clove cigarette
The few carcinogens are not a threat
Because it’s very rare when I do
Stomping out the butt with the heel of my shoe
My cells age rather well
Drinking mineral tonics and herbal potions are my witches’ spell
There are secrets in one’s magical garden
Forgive me now, I do thee pardon
Please don’t take offense if I choose to brag
At fifty-two years on this planet I don’t look like a hag
Being thin and vibrantly fit has always come easy
That’s why I love to post selfies, even if it looks cheesy
My advice is to be around others who inspire your mind
For these friendships are rare to find