you’re no longer in my life
because yours is of a chaotic strife
always moaning
complaining with your conditional groaning
rarely having anything good to say
you negatively convey
your words are toxic and full of frustration
consumed of a vocabulary of manipulation
on how you see me and others
always in a state of verbal smothers
as you talk shit about the people you know
your ass has got to go
of what you literally think of me
you filthy bourgeois
you’re all high and mighty
but i am a reincarnated Aphrodite
having empathic powers beyond your imagination
using love for manifestation
quite honestly it’s hard to be around you
and you have no conscious clue
that your judgment, hate and condescending attitude
makes you unconditionally rude
unfortunately with your small mind
it is a struggle to learn how to be kind
the reason why you’re sick and choke
is for the fact you are spiritually broke
yeah, you pray to god
for you still think your universe is a fraud
you don’t have faith in source anymore
worshiping the lord as you beg to the floor
this rhythm of destruction you’re in
you believe is a sin
there is no such thing
for your brain makes you cling
onto this unwanted mental crap
you need a big slap
across your face
to stop this disgrace
please wake up
stand up
and begin changing how you speak
end being weak
so i’ve got to walk away
as you emotionally sway
you absent minded schmuck
for i just don’t give a fuck