She’s such a homemade slut
Being so artificially cut
It’s not really from her augmentations
But her selfish celebrations
Her intention is hollow
But she’s got 99,000 goonies who follow
Jerking off with her every move
Her demeanor will never improve
Where her fashion is crude
Bourgeoisie and rude
Plastic, molded and modified
On her backside
Fake implants in her ass
Lacking from a graceful social class
When she poses she sticks her booty out
Along with her fish lipped pout
Pulling a Kardashian
Apparently seems to be the plan
Getting attention from her looks
Is the only bait on her fish hooks
A touch ditzy and an etiquette full of cheap
Her brain waves have collapsed and fallen asleep
Chicks like her keep on breeding faster than rabbits
A spoiled Junior wannabe filled with bad habits
She’ll never settle down
High strung with a crooked crown
But as her latest photograph shows it
One of her bosoms has an exposed tit
Nipple pasties to cover
As your eyes focus to discover
That she’s wearing basically next to nothing
Artificial boobs (. )( .) held up by a flimsy string
What’s really going through their empty heads
By wearing such scantily threads
It’s clearly not fashion
But a sexual diluted passion
To exude yourself as though your exotic
Instead, she creates a path of chaotic
Judgment claims that her soul is so lost
She doesn’t care the price it may cost
Obviously no one is going to take her seriously
When she removes her clothes mysteriously
For these girls today love to showcase
And embrace
Themselves as a whore
Nothing is sacred anymore
It’s X-rated drama
Perhaps seeded from childhood trauma
I can understand if you’re a porn star
As exhibitionism to the norm is a touch bazaar
You could even get away with it when you’re a dominatrix or a fetish queen
Because so much money is in the green
To me, that’s art
Being successful, your mind must be super smart
For your cranium has to play another role
When you show off your sphincter hole
However with her
It’s a blur
She cries for attention
Her social media channel is her extension
When you sell yourself out
One day you’ll question, “what was all of that about?”
Even though it’s a spiritual controversy
In time she’ll beg for mercy
To find a better path
Stained with a tumultuous wrath
In her heart
As the devil throws a dart
Right now she’s still young and blinded
Severely absent minded
Hopefully she searches for the truth
After realizing she’s morally uncouth