We manifest EVERYTHING in life. The process is such an extraordinary journey, but many of us create such hardships and devastation; whether it’s a soul contract or the way the lack of unaligned energy resonates within a person. Meaning that, it’s not what you say, or even think.. but the ENERGY behind what you say or think. Most people focus on the “reality” of their life, and then complain on a continuum when the reality continues to persist. It’s not that I know more than “you”, it’s just that my alignment with energy is so profound, that my life has been magic so often, too many times. Nonetheless, so many times I want to grab and shake those who resonate on this boxed in, selfish, me-me-oh why me-negativity in their life.. because they are usually pointing fingers of who did this or why this is happening.. when all along, the finger should be pointing within. We blame and maim and shame others, when in the “reality” of it all, the reason why it’s happening, is because our own energy called upon it and manifested it to happen. The LESSON is “how you react to something or a situation” and the KEY, is when compassion or LOVE or forgivingness follows, then the chords of chaos are broken, and the accession begins to bring you to a higher soul vibration. The key is to realize that we manifest everything in our lives.The MAGIC is to realize that you can manipulate energy, with everything, if you use is wisely, judiciously and constructively with positive frequencies.

You can certainly change where you live and where you work, switch new friends for old ones, perhaps buy a new house and rearrange your things. even go from lover to lover – but it seems that IF you never change your way of VIBRATIONAL thinking, sadly you will forever remain right where you are.