Mary Jane
You whine and waiver and groan
Squawking and griping with a negative moan
Your disease ..
If you please
Was created by you
Whether it was a soul contract or by the vibrations which manifested your dark hue
Here’s a hint
It’s already in your cellular blueprint
Reality is just an illusion
But because you’re not thoroughly aligned it becomes a mystery of unpromising confusion
Proceed to thread
A rhythm of positive thinking
And begin shrinking
This pessimistic and depressing translation
Use a grander narration
Speak words of love
Ask for guidance from the heaven’s above
For it is where you came from
The belly of your mum
You still hold divine seeds of creation
Yet you choose to stay in troubled damnation
Believe it or not,
The universe has a plot
It’s showing you through your poverty, loneliness or even illness
Nothing has a stillness
For everything is in constant motion
The key to prosperity is only adjusting your emotion
It’s simple
Begin using your dimple
And smile
For a little while
Through laughter and feeling happy
It will eventually take you out of your crappy
Nonetheless, if you choose to stay right where you are
Your world will carve a deeper scar
Perhaps one day you’ll find your way
And understand that the secrets are hidden in child’s play
Meaning one has to let loose
Cutting off this noose
Allowing your innocence to run crazy
Taking the time to smell a fresh daisy
Flowers really do hold the magic
So stop looking at everything with a mind of tragic
Pluck those petals of hope
View vibrant colors through a different kaleidoscope
Inspire a new path to visualize
Without question.. god will unfold even a greater surprise