[Brooding] Sometimes being a bride buying a bathing suit brings out the beast in a bitch. Bridegrooms, beaus and boyfriends beware. My best advice is to stay a bachelor and bequeath your ceremonial bash, grow a bold beard, then buy a big Benetti boat and navigate your life into the blue skies of becoming a billionaire beached playBoy. Rest assured, the borrowed baggage of emotional bankruptcy will birth her bi-polar behavior before your first baby boy is born. Eventually if she bears on with bad temperament it will blindly bruise, batter and perhaps blister your happiness of budding dreams. Borderline depression in a beautiful babe makes a girl bossy, as well as boldly being bawdy when she backstabs and blames you for her personal boredom. Leave her bulging butt behind and give your broad the boot. Bon Voyage and sail out to the Bahamas, Barbados or even Belize. Find a brazen blond or even a brunette bimbo in a bikini with a full breasted bosom and fraternize fondly in the form of boffing, but don’t besmirch with blunderingly befouled words. Life should be fun and bountiful, not burdened with a blood boiling bride-to-be who is bonkers and bosses everyone around like she’s in a battleground brigade with her bridesmaids. If you bravely wed, I bashfully offer you my bereavement. For you will soon find your body blazed bare in your own bed boozing down beer, or perhaps at a back street bar, drinking bottles of Beefeater or Bombay attempting to block out the blur of your brutal marital bliss. Blessings.