WOW.. talk about genuine and abundant LOVE for Janell and her family.. the GoFUND Me that Michelle Johnson started for Matt Lewis and Janell Simonson Lewis is already at $95,407 of $131.3k goal: Raised by 1,373 people in 1 day.. and it’s growing exponentially by the minute. Prayer to me, is putting someone who requires it in the HIGHEST LIGHT of energy vibration. Prayer is never in the asking in desperation for something, or the pleading with God, because Source delivers what we ask for in ENERGY. Prayer to me, is about sending out vibrations of LOVE from our heart chakra with Light and Positive Thoughts coming from within us, and envisioning what we want to see. Miracles are happening for this beautiful woman we call Janell, our beautiful family and friend. PLEASE SPREAD THE LINK TO THOSE WHO MAY CONTRIBUTE.