I live my life by a unique plane
Where I never try to profusely complain
Please don’t mistake
My temper can certainly break
Out of a rhythm of being happy
For at times, I do confess of acting crappy
I’m only human
Instead, let me quote you from Harry Truman
“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”
So, I’m ditchin’
The act of speaking in a negative force
Because the universe will boomerang a downfallen course
Everything in your life you directly manifest
Even your illness and these daily feelings of being stressed
We are all a unique vibration
Atoms and an electromagnetic field of quantum mechanic’s foundation
So here’s what I’m trying to shout out
Throw away your slandering doubt
On the contrary, you put yourself in a drain of drama

Obviously, you have never learned that from the Dalai Lama

Which griping only leads to a life of bizarre
Begin realizing how unique you are
Masaru Emoto did the research for us
As he has shown what your living cells look like when you irrationally cuss
It was through a frozen water crystal experiment
For we must project abundant intent
If we individually do not
Your rude words have a plot
Our body turns to a poisoned acidity
And stops the beautiful fluidity
For love to grow
Did you not know?
You see, the words of energy you verbally permeate
Create an energy of weight
It’s either good or bad
Which, if you practice the latter of it all, it’s gonna’ drive you mad
Forgive me for babbling and going on
Stop for a moment and grab a pencil or a crayon
And write on a piece of paper something nice
Being very concise
Now take that note and rubber band it to your water bottle
Perhaps, pretend you even have the wisdom of Aristotle
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” He did thee quote
My saying is, “Abundant love, health, happiness and wealth” was what I wrote
For me, I also add drops of CellFood
To feel renewed
Now drink it down
Without a frown
Smile as you do this stuff
And stop being so stubborn and emotionally tough
Life is a gift
But you use it against yourself and passive aggressively drift
Down a saddened path
Leading you to a living wrath

Why don’t you take the time to read and meditate with lapis lazuli?
Fill your mind with “Notes from the Universe” written by Mike Dooley
The most organic rituals can change your life’s fate
Act now, cause’ one day, it will be too late