Age is just a number
But on the contrary it put me in a slumber
At 51
Need more fun
Cause’ my sex life has faltered
God how these times have altered
My salacious activity
Vegas rudely jinxed me in captivity
Living here feels like the Devil’s Triangle
Meeting men who falsely entangle
A web of mischief and shady deception
With a misguided erection
Twisting inappropriate knots and loose ends
Making too many transient friends
No one really stays
But sways
A place of movable parts
Unhappy hearts
Ten years
Dried tears
This city is beyond cosmetic
Threads of a plastic synthetic
Need to decide to pack my bags
And do a couple zig zags
Towards the west coast
So that I can boast
Bragging that my life will get better
And I’ll send you an update in a letter
Something has got to change
Because I need to rearrange
My sarcasm into positive words
For my loathing is for the birds