Today we miss you my dearest father
Fond memories I lovingly bother
Remembering great priest who once did live
Amongst genius hands of bountiful give

Vowed perfectionist was scout craftsman trade
Hardworking dad with dynasty crusade
Never knew firm scarifies bestowed
Until I evolved down the longest road

Midnight hours driving a truck for cash
Making financial ends meet in big stash
Literary head was never at rest
Invested failingly in the Midwest

Forever viewing the Wall Street Journal
Trading stocks with literate infernal
Talents blazed widely with keen invention
Artistic designs of grave dimension

Formed wrought iron work was savvy at best
Way ahead of your clock eager of zest
Behind strained mastermind papered blueprint
Peering over eye glasses bridged smart glint

Fruitful scholar from genuine forward
Oddly resisting demands of wayward
Seldom realized dignified potential
Class of articulate quintessential

Moments, dull tone of tongue would be shrilling
Bouncing off pained walls with forceful drilling
Bad temper was caused by your own due stress
Dissatisfied from raw lack of success

Trials endured of personal defeat
Experimental plans set in concrete
Laying down sore mistakes not to embark
Frustrating tribulations left a mark

Further pushed prolific intuition
Soap box stance of family politician
Firmly delegating conditioned rules
Ordinance regulated tribal jewels

Contrived creed philosophies stirred your pot
Captain of the seas with your private yacht
Recipes to accomplish leadership
Proud Croatian contender with firmed grip

William was the brightest fighter I’ve known
Right up there with Carnegie and Jim Rohn
Reading for your brain till’ age sixty-eight
Spoke “Think and Grow Rich” with determined weight

Echoing stories of grand persistence
Bulldog strength of heroic existence
Utopian idealist with things built
Masterpiece journeyman of flawless quilt

Expert of engineering wood with grace
Sculpting furniture with paragon face
Refinishing world with aesthetic skill
Burning passionate gifts drove postured will

Scoping sharp projects with angled notebook
Hardheaded task for arithmetic hook
Reproduced crest with supreme mastery
Consummate power not ordinary

Brilliant to manifest and reap rewards
Crushing distant route with eagerness towards
Sailing lost ship above highest skylines
Rarely reaching awards from mind maligns

Doubt restricted horizons with ill thought
Believing dark birth was of complete naught
Contrary to damaged ego vision
Stamina encouraged vain precision

From tried failures I’ve become triumphant
Diverting path with veered vanquishing rant
Ears ring as I hear fundamental sound
That I’ll accomplish plentiful abound

Not understanding rules during fresh youth
Setting me up for goals with timeless truth
Forced education with literature
Ruling vast globe when I grandly mature

Sweet breath of love penetrates soul today
Figure of allied wisdom, steel bouquet
Molding temple to be victorious
Conquering dreams with thankful glorious

Today we miss you my dearest father
Fond memories I lovingly bother
Remembering great priest who once did live
Amongst genius hands of bountiful give

© 08.2009. All Rights Reserved.
(for my father)
sunrise: January 8, 1928
sunset: August 21, 1996