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Angel in alabaster sashays effortlessly by grim side
Holding calm hands with gentle clasp as we harmoniously glide
Rhythmically echoing with haloed dance walking above pearl clouds
Visually viewing everyone below dressed in weathered dark shrouds

Can you see them?” she delicately whispers in ears full of hope
Dripping in diamonds and cut rubies as they dangled on loose rope
Preciously tied around her neck was the most heavenly of jewels
Entangled decadently across tender skin without poised rules

Crass land I once lived is of materialistic chaotic
Camouflaged by Mercedes, sin and dancing girls of erotic
Warm bodies move in glazed glorious film of damaged affection
Searching incurably with painted faces of imperfection

Globe was created by gold divinity of the universe
Labeled as God, even Allah or quantum mechanics diverse
Entity is to discover all realms of penitent contrite
Etched in stone to morally follow towards new path of conscious sight

Aloft blazed heat there is simply bountiful packages of love
Where one can unlace them unraveling stringed feathers of lone dove
Exposed boxes once tied with invisible chords of gratitude
Rests underneath crinkled paper whites of positive attitude

People should realize they hold bold divine power in giving hands
Stopping to embellish silly trials making extreme demands
Most are weakened with ungracious torn wars between drugs, sex, money
Missing grand life blessed to us at birth with liquid streams of honey

You see dear friend, I was put on earth to make an intense impact
An innocent child of six exchanging a verbal contract
Told graced lord to take me in youthful soul during my purity
Asking to end bleak world before reaching age of maturity

One day, driving with step mother on curved way to the shopping mall
Lewd drunk driver hit us, crushing my pancreas as I recall
Strapped in the front seat null of air bag to pacify accident
Young tender body was damaged and bruised in physical torment

Grave temple died gloomed day in wrecked depths of mangled automobile
Brave childhood lost leaves saddened mother with tombed lifetime to heal
Life is quite mysterious when bad things happen to good people
To witness destruction bowing in eulogy at church steeple

When devastation occurs it seems most of us open closed eyes
Wishing to change selfish direction before we reach one’s demise
Lauren Gabrielle Harrington was inevitably profound
Mystified by her enchanting presence crackled a dainty sound

Boldly visualize her now in the strong arms of expanding wings
Horizontal solace comforts cherub in bliss land of crowned kings
Opalescent saints accompany celestial gift with praise
She now gleams within enchanting blazed beams of twinkled sunshine rays

© 08.2009. All Rights Reserved. sunday 08.09.2009 9:33PM
(for lauren gabrielle harrington)
sunrise: 5th April 1989
sunset: 11th August 1995