Too many Instagram models are so mother fuckin’ fickle
Where they ask you for free underwear, but you don’t make a nickel
Proposing that they want your product for a trade shoot
But then fail to selfie it and eventually give you the boot
Kicking you in the ass
As they unprofessionally bypass
Your multitude of texts and even letters of email
Blocking your account without a trail
With a neglectful attitude
Like you should bow down and give them gratitude?
After they’ve turned the table
Now blaming you with excuses that their schedule is unstable
Pointing their finger and saying you never set a date
As they foolishly disregarded to read my contract with legal weight
Holding it against me
Like I’m rushing them with an unsigned decree
So now I’m pissed
Cause’ they’ve rudely dissed
Pushing me aside
When they’re the ones who broke promises and lied
Honestly, I’d rather use a pretty girl off the street
Photographing her with tactful discrete
For all those other girls, they seemed to be poisoned with unnecessary ego(s)
So let me just say it now: “screw you” and adios amigos

adios amigos

adios amigos; poem 8.3.2016