People become very dear
When you hold the ones you’ve loved extremely near
To your beating heart
As you slowly depart
From this life
Death is not a strife
It’s actually a gift
As your soul thee does shift
Into a spiritual accession
In god’s sixth dimension
Don’t be afraid
For I have devoutly prayed
You are going straight to heaven
When the eternal clock chimes on seven
It’s your lucky number
And brilliant brain will then slumber
Releasing your conscious mind
Towards an energy that is universally sublime
I deeply love you, my dear friend
All of your worries in this earthly world will amend
Sins are forgiven and blessed
For your body has been anointed with a dove’s crest
The wings of your angel is holding out her hand
Ending your breath with a loving command
Can you hear the glorious choir sing?
Goodbye my beloved, as you float upon a feathered wing
Eventually my sadness will wither away
For I will die too on another day
But nothing ever does perish
Reincarnation will cherish
Your request to be reborn
Living once again as a mortal or you may even become a unicorn


poem; seven 7.21.2016