“Michael, Why is it, the miracle of a sign, the signs you have been giving to me, light years away.. I can still feel you. Just now, moments ago, you came straight through my heart chakras, funneling along my spine where heat penetrated throughout my entire body. The feeling that I get when I know someone’s spirit is with me. I know it only lasts for a short while. Yet, it happens all too often, and it has grown into a gift from the heaven’s above. The feeling that you came to me was so strong, beyond the sensations of the penetration of heat from my throat to my root chakra… I even spoke your name in my mind. Asking if that was you, present with me. And then I heard my own audible voice to speak your name aloud, saying to actually call out your name in tongue to voice. This message, from human body to spirit world; like you needed to hear your name in confirmation from my lips that miss you. Then the heat of your energy became even more profound, and tears began to flow. And then for that moment, I heard this music playing on my radio.. it was in that moment where I said to myself: “For even further confirmation you came to me, that the song on the radio will be a message.” And when I looked at what was playing, indeed it was. “Life and Death; New Life” by Paul Cardall was playing. I miss you beyond words Michael. But I feel you beyond the depths of anything I have ever experienced.” (I love you).