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From the pages of “The Miracle of Water” by Masaru Emoto

Page: 136 to 139

Human Consciousness and Disasters

You don’t have to go back far in history to find a time when the human population on the planet was much smaller than it is now. On the first day of the Christian era (1 A.D.), the population is estimated to have been about 200 million people, and the figure rose gradually and steadily until 1900, when it reached 1.5 billion. And then from 1900 to 2000, the population exploded, reaching and exceeding 6 billion.

When people were still rare on the planet, the effect of the consciousness of a single person on the water of the earth was probably insignificant, but as the population expanded, perhaps starting from 1850 when the population exceeded a billion, the negative and evil consciousness of humankind began to be reflected in natural disasters around the planet. Now, with the population exceeding 6.5 billion (Masaru Emoto published this book of writing in 2007. But now, in 2016 the population is over 7.4 billion), perhaps we should not be surprised by all the fighting and wars going on around us. If 6.5 billion people continue to think the way they do now, we’ll be lucky if the planet lasts another 20 years.

The risks our planet faces are not only of the sudden kind. The environment of our planet is moving closer to a planet-wide crises that is fast approaching the point of no return.

Heat is a vibration.  You probably already know that heat results when atoms vibrate, and that explains how a microwave oven is able to create a sudden burst of heat. What will happen as the temperature rises an average of 2 degrees centigrade, life will still be sustainable, but if it goes up two more degrees, then the earth will no longer be able to provide the environment and food necessary to sustain human life.

It’s said that the planet’s temperature, especially how you feel when you have a fever. There’s not an exact parallel between the planet and the human body, but if the planet’s temperature does rise as expected, then we will al be living on a very sick planet indeed.

Ourselves and our planet both require stable vibration in order to survive. The vibration that compensates for a loss of LOVE and Gratitude can come in the form of a pistol, a bomb, or perhaps terrorism – all negative and abnormal vibration used to rule the world. The war in the Middle East and all the other wars going on around the planet are excessive vibration, leading to the acceleration of the burning up of our planet. It is also the mechanism for the disruption of the water that covers our planet, leading to earthquakes, tsunami, floods, typhoons, hurricanes and droughts.

prayer photo 2 (3)

The first card image is from WaterCrystal Oracle cards by Dr. Masaru Emoto and the very first one I grabbed from my pile of cards was “PRAYER”.. which was no coincidence. . and by 2nd vibrational message… my fingers found “EARTH”.. which again.. was no coincidence. .