Warning that I must part
No longer love with my heart
This wolf craves your lost sheep
Counting them cause’ I can’t sleep
Dreaming to have you deep inside of me
Mesmerized by a single skeleton key
The one tightly worn around my throat
Unlocking a secret diary of poems I wrote
My desires long to fuck once more
Debauchery turned me into a whore
Unfaithfulness predicted
I’m aware that his bed is taken
Dishonor has forsaken
It’s all your fault
As new wifey sprinkled the salt
Inside my open cut
When she found out I was your slut
Her bite turned my blood savage
And therefor wish to ravage
Devouring your sexed temple of skin
This continued hungering for you is pure sin
It seems drugged potion was tainted
When your solicitation became acquainted
That dark night in your Lamborghini
As you went down and tore off my bikini
Warm spit
Such deviant wit
A woman has the power to refuse
No longer wish to be your savaged muse
Mixed feelings become quite taunting
But merging with you is more haunting
So I must leave
And watch you grieve
This salacious lust
Layered with mistrust
But a word of forethought
Your bad behavior will again get you caught
Next time she may be the “Fatal Attraction”
Beware of another female distraction

poem: part wolf