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It baffles my mind
On how you rewind
This mangled delusion
That you have the right towards such an intrusion
Stay out of my personal space
You need to erase
This energy towards me
I am not the same Rosemarie
No longer tolerate petty bullshit
With your psychotic weird sense of wit
You’re from the “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” fable
So mother fucking emotionally unstable
I should have walked away
After realizing you sway
With friendship
You speak words of a falsified lip
Habits of being allusive
Your attention inconclusive
Still not knowing what you want
As you recently Instagram’d her with your stupid comments of flaunt
Back at it again as you foolishly loop around
Continually connecting with that chick in the lost and found
Why don’t you read the published “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You” book
You’ll find you have a lot in common with the Ben & Jerry’s hook
That part about the illusion we keep within ourselves, as we promote personal deception
Hopefully one day you will have a wide-eyed view of an honest perception
Like failing to notice my divine kindness
Your ego immensely full of blindness
Let me explain this to you in poetic detail
Need to hammer your memory with a rusty nail
Allow me to start from the very beginning
For the fact that my head is still spinning
Each time you enter
I lose my center
Please let me remind you
As I give my personal view
Backpedal 2 years ago
Memories still hit me with a harsh blow
After you sent Vaughn’s mooning picture, it turned the table
Because quite honestly, this thing you did with him, was a touch unstable
Why would a father teach their kid that showing one’s ass is allowed?
Then, you taking a picture with his pants pulled down and knees bowed
The look on his face was incredibly perturbing
He had a devilish grin which was even more disturbing
Stating in text that you guys did this behind closed doors
As message mentioned you would, on occasion, photograph him dropping his drawers
You thought it was funny
Gotta’ tell you that is exceptionally horrifying, honey
A high strung boy who exposes 3 quarters of his chunky derrière
That type of early dysfunctional behavior in a child may make him a future queer
After I sent several reply’s to say it was not right
We battled in an iPhone fight
Within a few seconds you then blocked me from everything
I was so insulted and hurt after you dangled me on a string
I believe the words you used was something like, “I’m done. You’re being blocked from FB and text. Leave me alone. Never contact me again. Peace out”
Damn, that’s a touch impolite without a doubt
But now I have realized, it’s you who has these severe faults
Even my police detective friend confirmed you were boarder-lining on child sexual assaults
That’s really scary
And it made me more wary
I know that’s rehashed old news
But don’t confuse
Yet, when I continued to stay
Hoping to convey
That I was wholeheartedly a good soul
Wanting to cover up the empty hole
I really thought you would have been a good mate
But you displayed your true colors; before, during and at the end with bate
Yet, I have to say
That I appreciated the creative play
Like.. Throughout our little liaisons
We did that photo shoot with cut up nylons
Which was cool at best
But it does not camouflage the rest
The first week in July you made me feel like you were so in love
But your distrust put me on a path of being quickly disposed of
Then your father died
And you purposely did hide
Still choosing to find further distraction
You had another affair with your deceptive action
After you fucked your little bi-polar chick
You dismissed me after she sucked your dick
Over the phone you said our breakup was because I “talked too much”
Your insecurities as a man used that against me as a pathetic crutch
You even purposely mislead and lied to me near the bitter end
Me thinking we were to continue during your birthday weekend
(oh fuck, I already repeated some words)
(getting my point across is for the birds)
(cause’ I know it will never sink into your hollow brain)
(most likely you’ll reach out in the near future, for the fact that you still continue to be so damned vain)
(let me get back to my story)
(knowing you, you’ll still be predatory)
Type, type, type
Hype, hype, hype
Nonetheless, I caught on way before that came along
Attempting to Xerox those pictures to show you were wrong
On how you continued your bluff
Andy, I’ve honestly had enough
So I let you go after that
Felt like you used me as your doormat
And yes, I confess I wrote a letter to Yukari’s email address
All of this caused a bit of remorse distress
Which I admit was intentionally crappie
In the end, it made me falsely happy
But you deserved it
You little piece of shit
Surprisingly, a friend joined in
And took things down a path with a more wicked spin
I’m not in control of another person’s actions
But oddly you thought those were my direct distractions
That’s when you decided to call
Leaving me a voice message like I was the one throwing a curve ball
You were sadly mistaken
It was Marlo who was the one which burned the bacon
Perhaps she felt sorry for my woes
And acted in retaliation to oppose
Then, there was Lisa who posted something, too
Oh well, once again you deserved it from another view
You and I, we both apologized
After feeling equally chastised
Then began a fresh path of anew
As I patiently listened to you spew
During our long phone conversations
I had great expectations
That we would rekindle a respect
But I was used as a decoyed object
Giving you space
To expel all of your emotional mace
Of the constant ill words of Deniz (pronounced like Denise)
On how you wanted to kill her, while battling against your own inner peace
You spoke over and over on how you loathed her
Cutting up her bra, your revenge was so amateur
But for the fact you are still a little boy
You went back to her as your pet toy
And I am sure after a few weeks passed
She repeated into her insane habitual cast
Of making you feel devalued and crude
As her words she spoke I’m quite sure, continued to be rude
Blindly, you gave it another try
Still wondering why
How odd when you confessed you never despised anyone else to such extremes
I’m sure she tricked you in with her foolish bondage dreams
Pole dancing is quite the exercise
How ironic that this thing pulls you in like snake eyes
But with this one, she has no viable elegance
And is too young to know feminine relevance
As she loves to take pictures of her stripper shoes
Wow, darlin’ you have such a peculiar muse
If you can’t see this
Because you clearly did miss
You liked her for the fact she resonated on your immature energy of infantile vibration
Both of you stick out your tongue, drink excessively and do that “hang ten” stupid hand gesture fixation
Being middle aged, you need to grow up and mature
But you still dig Bart Simpson cartoons, sex cubs and the occasional naked fetish detour
Definitely sidetracked by an unwavering road
Living unsettled in a rented abode
But that’s none of my concern
For there is no return
Into my universe
No matter what you attempt to do in reverse
The damage you placed
The memory of us, is now toxic waste
Currently, I see she doesn’t love you, as expected
That’s a joke, because she is half your age and disconnected
Emotionally she is a little screwed up
However, I see that she recently found Jesus to rectify her breakup
Apparently living life like you never even existed
That to me is a little twisted
Oh god, perhaps I am wrong
You still don’t know where you belong
You’re still at it
And won’t quit
Like a revolving door
I see your ex is still your whore
As you continue to send her gifts of a Feng Shui kitty cat tank top
Your 3rd time around will be another relationship flop
What I’m perturbed about
Is that you keep on going back to her on the path of your lost route
You are far from a man who speaks with credibility
This love hate dalliance lacks stability
Ha ha ha
Blah blah blah
How does it feel?
To be used, then spit out like fish meal
She was the one holding the wire
On your private sex club desire
You looked like a puppet in her hand
Doing things to please with her command
In the end, you have to go through what you give out
Karma never fibs when you push reasonable doubt
So here I sit today, reading your comments on WordPress
It’s creating a touch of emotional stress
Not sure what gives you the right to approach me
We don’t have a bond anymore, can’t you see?
I honestly don’t want to be uncouth
But you need to realize the plain truth
God, let me take a breath
Writing this poem is causing a subjectively emotional death
How many times do you think you can use people?
My suggestion: start believing in god and giving gratitude in a church steeple
For me, I never like to close the door on another
But I no longer respect your intentions, because you smother
This cracked journey you follow of not knowing what you want
Has created an earthquake between us in a disturbing haunt
Because most likely if I allowed you back in
Eventually you would drop me without blinking, when another floozy caught your whim
Oh yeah, your recent text stated that you would call me right after your show
But I am sure of it, you were communicating with her that night to get back in the flow
Once more, neglected to connect with me
Now, I’m erasing you completely
If you did not know it, when we met, I gave you my heart
But your secrets, lies and deceptions broke us apart
Take my suggestion and move on
I don’t do well with people who con
You waiver in and out of my life
I’m completely done with you for the fact that you’ve created such damaged strife
Many occasions with the time we spent, you sometimes looked at me with a joke
And that type of energy you can’t revoke
During many phone calls I would hear you impatiently sigh
For the fact you don’t have an Ajna in-tune esoteric eye
Multiple times, you sarcastically said to me, “You always keep fucking saying you’re an Empath”
That statement alone was a jab, for the fact you continue to embody a personified wrath
You know, it’s how you demoralized my existence in the end
Now, jolting my memory from all of your insults, I truly dislike you, and I can no longer pretend
However, I’m sure you regret everything that’s occurred in the past
But in my life, only love, valor and compassion last
What I do realize is that you are one hell of a sad and lonely person
Deep down your hole gets wider and will worsen
You think you’ve changed
Damn my dear, you just simply shifted your junk and rearranged
Russell Crowe once voiced, “What we do in life echoes in eternity”
Therefore, I only want to be with people who sincerely honor me
And on one last note
I don’t want to gloat
But the phrase is, “Never piss off a poet or make them mad”
As straight forward as my words are, I’m not going to apologize for voicing my bad

Poem; YOU