vanished from dull sight i can still see you with closed eyes.
semblance of null sound is a hauntingly odd disguise.
scattered fragments run through empty thoughts of where you’ve gone.
questions bewildered my crazed emotions now withdrawn.

trust in honest oath when confessions breathed of friendship.
magical kisses on mad streets of sin city’s strip.
two decades chained apart your presence touches my life.
yet grim lack of affection gives tumultuous strife.

first moment of golden encounter odd world was blessed.
where vibrations peaked then sublimely became obsessed.
through lost travels i’ve never met anyone like you.
gypsy in black threads adorned with a lyrical hue.

mysterious fashion embraces austere frame work.
grinning at me with an infamously divine smirk.
extreme plethora of woven talent, one’s gifted.
enraptured with tune your personality shifted.

light fair skinned boy who is reserved with first impression.
in spotlight, blunt core opens with sacred expression.
breathtaking gestures of torso are grand to observe.
resonating waves stimulates a melodic verve.

movements of rare craft are utterly captivating.
long limbs dance around the mic tauntingly gyrating.
fedora placed securely, apt head sways with fierce beat.
making love with bold lyrics, voice profoundly discrete.

chosen songs resonate with an adorned following.
raw essence of sharp tongue sings in private wallowing.
even though fans may relate to what you vocalize.
real substance of the meaning is of private demise.

single pirate of lone ship thrives on mystical tales.
entwined aromatic stories with honeyed details.
privileged collection of genius mind you write with ease.
live menagerie of composed narration to please.

tangled backpack of perfumed potpourri enslaves you.
rhetoric ornamentation beautifies the view.
stained heart sails with grave solitude of impermanence.
anchoring your path with devotions of remembrance.

tapestry of sweet sound patchworks your musical dream.
aligned aim vocalizes a harmonious scream.
let us not forget cherished connections we once had.
departing to another land makes me a touch sad.

i know you well, as brave waters transcend towards blue seas.
guarded heart, fragile like porcelain alabaster keys.
in the dark your soul lights up when performing on stage.
unraveled journey with dim notes on a written page.

for fear of abandonment you only reach so far.
stroking strings of saga with your amethyst guitar.
perhaps your brief affair with me will end up in song.
forever be here for you and never do you wrong.

forget not the charmed walk we shared in Siddhartha’s mist.
holding hands beneath the forest of fictional twist.
a second in heaven captured us for a split time.
if you leave me now how will i continue to rhyme.

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