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Hey, come to my party so I can show you what I’ve got
Just joined something cool to make me rich with a turnkey plot
The reason I’m calling cause’ you’re on my list
Not bootlegging anything through this strategy twist
Let me ask you a question, “Are you happy with your life?”
I have just the thing for you in this moment of strife
Heard you are unsatisfied with your current work
No worries, just pop this pill and your finances will perk
It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before
Let me reassure this, you won’t be sick anymore
Our company is not like any other
Give me your database so I can call your brother
It looks like he has a few pounds to lose
Certainly not here to confuse
Only persuading others to join my team
I’ll make sure you become wealthier than your dream
All you gotta’ do is come to this meeting
Everyone’s on the same path of successful greeting
We’ll make you feel all warm and cozy inside
But there are strict rules to follow within this strategy guide
Here’s a piece of paper to give us further information
Go through your cell phone and write down everyone’s vocation
Drop right now, and give me your top 20 friends
If you want to win that shiny brand new Mercedes Benz
Then I’ll give you proof on how the grass is greener
Because our enterprise has the best house hold cleaner
Did you know we have over 100 products in our brochure?
It’s better than anything out there, I can concur
So what are you worried about, this aint’ no hype
If you don’t wanna’ sign on the dotted line, I won’t stereotype
It’s only for those people who consider themselves a winner
Who will see this grand opportunity and throw away their TV dinner
You just have to stick with it for the long run
The rewards come when you can eat anything under the sun
What did you say? “You are not the least bit interested?”
“Lame response when you stated that you’ve already contributed!”
What’s that? “Paid your dues with multi-level marketing?”
“And no longer want to be warm street targeting?”

Truthfully, I’m emotionally frazzled
Exhausted of getting pitched with your speech dazzled
Nothing is ever “get rich quick”
Bluntly put, must to tell you, it all makes me sick

I’ve been doing this for over 38 years and counting, believe it or not
It all started at the age of twelve selling merchandise from the notorious Tom-Wat
Then my parents got into Herbalife, and before that was Amway
Distributing vitamins, fat potions and a floral household spray
Tallying the record, I’ve spent thousands of dollars with MLM
If I’m correct yours will be the twenty-ninth pyramid gem
Without question, I know they work
But most individuals quit with a lazy knee jerk
Quite honestly, I am not motivated by the money to be a team leader
From the anxiety of it all, I’ve just gotten another nose bleeder
For some reason, it creates stress in my world to sign people up to unite
Hoping to sell them on a lifestyle of calculated height
Even now, I’m so full of excuses and complaints of not wanting this
I deeply apologize, but it’s not my divine bliss

You see, my heart belongs to art and poetic creativity
If my mind does not revolve around designing, then I become a beast of captivity
My soul tends to die when I delve into things that don’t suit me
So instead my life path has launched a business called Filthy Laundry
A concept of kitty cats on the crotch of underwear
Interestingly enough, women want to sport them and show off their derriere
It may be a little silly
But I don’t care, really
If it makes me smile
Then it’s all worth my while
If you don’t like it, then kiss my ass and scram
Because as Rhett Butler once said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


Poem; I don’t give a damn 1.1.2016
Inspired by the beauty of this image; courtesy of Alessandra Marie