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I want my stuff
In a world of artificial fluff
Jammed and squeezed in a rented 10 x 10
Boxed china, Ming vases and bubble wrapped my vintage ceramic hen
Thought I was staying only one short year
Vanished from worldly goods to move backwards and challenge inner fear
Nine years of hibernation
Mental castration
It will be a decade in July but who’s counting
When your troubles take to mounting
Never ending solicitation
Street corners laced from a tarnished parade of starvation
Everyone is so hungry to make a buck
Trying to sell you something as they reach into their empty bags of good luck
Nothing lasts forever
Maybe those poker chips might be your best endeavor
Stakes will waiver
Not always in your favor
This revolving door of dreams will make your head spin
A city so transient you can’t seem to win
Saturated with impersonators and dancers of the exotic
In perpetual trance of a dazed hypnotic
Many people are fermented with material greed
Who tend to thread along my path to show me their vanity of need
Vegas is clearly suffocating this voice
Self- sacrificed choice
They say everything happens for a reason
Guessing this is my season
To pull up these Chanel bootstraps
Filling in deep gaps
Mending the emptiness with pure love and affection
Manifesting gifts with energetic projection
I’ve been blessed with a few genuine friends
Who know how to heal the dangling loose ends
Where they listen and show dedicated kindness
Around 99% of everyone’s blindness
I pity those who fail spiritual alignment
Cause’ the devil commissioned their assignment
To make tumultuous waves
Reincarnated slaves
Paying a penance for star ascension
Towards celestial dimension
Most people are unconscious to the why
Where they can’t find their inner 3rd eye
Born as a Total Empath
I’m gifted to fully feel a mortal’s wrath
Immediately tune into their lack of self-worth
Which they’ve chosen way before birth
Can actually read right through your stinky bullshit
Psychic abilities make my single personality split
At times I can’t get it together
As bones become unglued and tangled within another’s tormented weather
It seems I take on an individual’s negativity
Strung beneath your emotional captivity
Suicidal vanity
Where I sometimes curse demoralized profanity
Mangled mind is dying to be normal in this complexed universe
Need to alter things before I lay my last breath in a red velvet covered hearse
And follow my Tarot cards to purge and release
To be able to stay present in one single piece
Detoxify core
So I am no longer at war
With imprisoned brain
That is struggling to be sane
In a world of demise
Laced with multiple white lies
Lovers tell you one thing
Holding your marionette on a thin string
Too many men become infatuated with their dick
Dating is such a mother fuckin’ trick
Deception, illusions and false pretense
It seems a boy’s intension lacks a sixth sense
On how to treat others and shed abusive heart
When they are so selfish from the start
They fool their wives or even girlfriends that she’s the one
As they slip under wrinkled covers with a loaded gun
I’m not talking about ammunition
Referring to his cocked pistol of exhibition
They throw it around like it’s a piece of raw meat
Hooking their bait into flawed women and seducing them to cheat
Okay enough of that
Posture is now at bat
Changing the number #1 rule
Walking away from those who are cruel
Refuse to continually bring up bleak past
For the fact that current reality will last
Abraham Hicks advices “to speak in a vibe of positive verbs and nouns”
To shift ones energy into the Vortex of harmonic sounds
What we think about we do create
So I’m starting today to be really great
Not like Queen Elizabeth at her highest glory
But to begin turning the chapter to journey a new life story
Thus, I am saying goodbye
To anyone who doesn’t wanna’ get high
With an enlightened energy of being drug induced
Resonating on electromagnetic fields of a celestial boost
My time will only be consumed with the power of light
Uncaging feathers to take flight
If our sky’s don’t collide
It’s because I’m on another joyride
Flying out of this hellhole
To save my beloved soul

i want my stuff; 12.27.2015