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Ancient throne of harmonized baroque choreography

Memories of Vivaldi’s musical pornography

Naked and loosely bound with maestro’s perpetual touch

Classical rhythms threaded through heart of salacious much

Igor Stravinsky pulls bare loins with Symphony in C

Masturbation of muted mind with genius prodigy

Penetration towards composed sounds of Russian origin

Beast of barbaric bourgeoisie he is mystified sin

Paved pianist of Johannes Brahms deepen self-path of want

Magnified sex of ego’s boast skin craves deviant vaunt

Faint fingers from tremor flirt with ivory keys of Ludwig

Screams out the prized preludes of Chopin’s chimed impromptu gig

Love affair with grand men is a rare find of vibration

Replaces the true act of erotic copulation

Hypnotic beats translate above orchestral overture

Rapturous orgasms lead down an obsession of lure

Palms placed in temple of elegant masculinity

Plays with bound strings of reincarnated divinity

poem; vivaldi’s strings 10.2015