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Lacrimosa (Requiem). Mozart

To find him, you must die a thousand deaths of breath. Reincarnation. Moonlight. Eclipse of maddening thunderous shadows of time. Soon to merge. Hearts will inevitably collide, twilight erotica of rhythms combined; requiem of pantheism love. He is looking for me this I know. Unequivocally; without emotional denial. Mouths silenced with thwarted passion. Mozart’s Lacrimosa. White angels. Demons, infinite life, death. Reaching for me his palms suctioned to mine, motionless, earth s h a t t e r i n g, tumultuous profundity. Eyes meet, kiss of embrace, blinded laughter pivoting to the openings of my spine.

Stradivari strings blushed lined maple.

When delivered at birth, I never once confessed I wanted to be flighty and fancy free. I want to be saturated in drama, in blood, in vibrations of obsession, of sumptuous opulence (which blinds the pupils of my eyes); fine wine and bone china, golden hand painted arches of hallways echoing the sounds of flirting heels racing to meet you. in the realm of the dance of the night, black couture flowing gowns, crimson pomegranate lips, midnight stars of Venice and Mars, drunken laughter, infatuated smiles. Debauchery, harmonized chords , saliva, perspiration, lust. I want us to swirl.

SWIRLING SWIRLING in moonlight towards the procreation of fingers to mouth and mouth to naked limbs, feverish bee-stings of claiming myself as your property. Seraph immortal wings, hovering, protecting, relishing in the momentum of happiness of the reawakening of kundalini. My spine is beautifully invaded of gold light, prisms and chakras aligned with your presence, once more.  With all eyes watching of envy as you kiss me deeply, penetrating diamonds and strung feathers under my skin to shine and fly towards the heavens  to the sky above ego and Light.