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do you know that your
fragrant juniper lips; mixed
with a sticky sweetness, the kind that
remains until morning, still
haunt me?
as cold fingers shake
to remember how
they felt on your inner thigh; hidden
beneath the blankets.
it’s December #12 already. stark.
with white fragments of
snowflakes in the Austrian air. how
could you forget me
so easily?
the memories, of this bitter dew
of softness
within your breath
as it exhaled pure love
inside my peppermint mouth. i yearn
for us.
the lost moment of you
brushing your heated
oxygen; where you release it
softly, against my pulsating neck.
do you know that my bones
desperately yearn
for you like no other?
over and over and over
in the dead of the blackened night.
i call for you.
lips quivering.
can you hear me?
will you ever come back to me?
to ravish my decadent flesh once more.
which aches for you.
in the realization that you may
never be mine again.

(notes from Austrian lover) 2007 (Michael) #12