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Protect me dearest Lord from evil beast thy rise
Stop veins from hexing man with ill poisoned demise
Snake venom and toad legs mixed in witches tar brew
Fecal matter with stained urine merged to make glue
Hocus Pocus may magical maven drop dead
After lips consume carcinogen from baked bread
Past worlds reincarnate by childish flaunting
Memories of cheating palms are blindly haunting
There are no second chances with immature soul
Boy butchered my heart with graved gift of scorched black coal

In depraved realms of selfish plight tongue confesses
Karma has caught up to him through past distresses
Funny how a man thinks he’s all high and mighty
Now brain realizes I’m divine Aphrodite
Traded in for a Turkish twenty-two year old
Tarnished unhappiness starts to blindly unfold
Andy calls her the “mad scientist” as pet name
But girl’s bi-polar tendencies puts poise at shame
Earlier professed they “had so much in common”
Both penniless and feasting on noodles Ramen

Tolerance of forgiveness has lost compassion
Pained patience ran its course of out dated fashion
Rosemarie’s fleshed threads are of femininity
Hers exploit a cheap pole dancing virginity
Untamed and tattered this chick calls herself Raven
Sex clubbing as a recreational haven
Sad thought of them being together churns red blood
Causing temperament to snip dude off at the bud
Rude actions fueled friendship to spoil future path
No longer interested due to damaged wrath

poem; scorched © 10.02.2015. 2:05 am All Rights Reserved.
(for maven)