I’m not going to sit here
As you strip me bare
As I analyze thee
Of why you’ve abandoned me
3rd inning
You’re winning
You see
With plea
I’ve opened my heart to you
In the beginning, I was black and blue
Your magic was hypnotic
My energy chaotic
Through kindness and brave compassion
You healed my scars of blindness and lost passion
Of past lives I was holding onto
You set me free with a lustful hue
Things became tantric
In my world of frantic
Indeed, sex can heal so much
With your lips suctioned to touch
It’s like you bit the demons out of me
As I moaned in a multiple orgasmic plea

Believe it or not
Your soul had a plot
To rock my fucking world
With painted toes curled
As I climaxed with hope
You made my mind dope
It’s not the fornication that I’m after
But your infectious laughter
You made me smile
All the while

But now through a tragic event
It created a permanent dent
Where you are avoiding me
Dismissing all that was to be

You’re a trained magician
Now a mourning mortician
With the death of your father
You don’t care to bother

You’ve lost connection
Heading in a different direction
Not giving me the time of day
As you numbingly sway

In a world of disillusioned precision
I feel I’ve lost my true vision
There were many signs
Through your romantic lines
My eyes should have read the clues
As you used me for your concubine muse
Showing me with a magnificent gift
Now your attention is adrift
Manipulated equation

Without having you in my direct life
Cuts me like a knife
All you stated was that you don’t feel like talking
So my thought process is erratic and stalking
My over dramatized words
Caged me in like your birds
This ain’t no stage show
As you hide behind death row

Meaning you struggle through unexpressed emotion
Killing yourself with lack of devotion
There’s no standing ovation
As you search for spiritual vibration
You get one shot at this
Act 3, Scene 5 of Shakespearean Bliss
Like Romeo and Juliet’s fate
Your dagger is heavy weight

For now I’m frightened to take the poisoned potion
Because you’re moving in a different motion
And when I finally awake
I’ll still be in heart ache

This is written for the illusionist who wants applause
Leading me astray without a cause