As a total Empath, I feel a negative discord throughout my entire body when those around me are not completely honest. Fortunately, I have been born with a diversity of empathic gifts; and can immediately feel when there is something wrong (before it happens, and then feel it when it’s actually happening). Not that this is always a pleasure when it does happen. You know, the feeling of knowing something is not right (because the validation of it all, is that it destroys my equilibrium and misaligns my chakras) .. but the ‘knowingingess’ that you feel, but you cannot fully put your finger on it. …. meaning the exact details of what is taking place with the other person.

Being a total Empath I have had this gift as early in life as I can remember. It is a blessing and a curse intertwined.

Tonight I have realized to utilize the gifts of others, and reached out to a medium I have spoken to several times in the past. The beauty about another person’s gift, especially the gift of a psychic, is that a clairvoyant psychic has the celestial ability to tell you a more detailed picture of events about the lies and unTRUTH in which people keep.. those little white lies that they hold from you, but never tell you. From this moment on.. with My life.. I want to live in truth and to be around those who do the same.