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10:10 am
There is a Danish musician
Anders Trentemoller (electric
vibe).. who wrote a song called
“miss you” that reminds me of
you.. each time I listen to it.
It’s a sedation of emotion;
mixed of liquid and shadow of an
alive sensation and of a
darkness feeling. Where it
reminds me of walking along damp
streets of a place, unkowingness,
with the ground wet below me
after a midnight rainfall. The
echo of your footsteps. And you
can feel this haunting organic
beauty around you, as the
branches weep in hidden tears. A
life that is rarely understood.
The life of the secrets only the
rain knows.
.. Perhaps you are the rain
to me. the dewy liquid essence
that drips without control,
in a mystifying brilliance;
especially during the hypnotic
storms of translucent behavior
only the heavens above know
of. maybe you represent the
feeling of what’s hidden deep
inside of them. deep within the
core of a raindrop. That part of
you no one will ever really
quench with satisfaction. most
people hate the rain, or fear it,
afraid of getting wet. For me, i
just want to drench in it. in you.