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The Secret

Whispering in the gentle wind
a miraculous being came to me one clear night
No proposed invitation or seen forewarning
of this super natural delight
Astonishingly surprised, my frailty recognized
his immaculately deep soul
Feverishly gazing at his familiar face
a spiritual presence made me whole

Decades of decadence I have been with
extremely intense and hypnotic lovers
Phenomenally this particular one seems
to pull me away from my covers
Blanketing me with sensational fragments
of light which brush through my quivering heart
His virtuoso of life commands appreciation;
he’s a profound work of art

Beginning to discover his genius
is nefarious as a Dali painting
Intricately woven brilliance reflects
a mastermind that’s keenly entertaining
Eccentric surrealism uninhibitedly
masters his liberated mind
Poetically encompassing exuberant
imagery and free verse intertwined

Devotion flows in his direction for
this mortal speaks a menagerie of truth
Evident by the hands of unkind God(s)
was granted this during his innocent youth
Tragically claiming to suffer from nadir
and entering into this world broken
Withering pain exists in his gallant stare,
constrictively silent and unspoken

Captivatingly intriguing this demonic nectar
is consuming my dark world
Conjuring up a pentagram of itinerant
magic for me to come unfurled
My transformed surface is undergoing
a matrix of revolutionary change
A dominated vibration of supreme essence
is gravitationally strange

Spellbindingly I find myself not wanting
to live without his illustrious gift
Supreme fright of acknowledgement that my
past search for beauty somehow has gone adrift
He claims that he has no control of my flow
of energy that is being revealed
Yet it’s blatantly obvious we are both
on the glorious journey to be healed

Transcending elements allow my disturbing
eyes to posses an obsessive gaze
Indulgently intoxicated my spirit
drinks in the inebriated haze
Indescribable euphoria embraces my
resistless rapturous passion
Languishingly freely my deprived body
should be devoured in any fashion

Contrarily, I have just betrayed my
personal vow from sexual abstention
Confessing my desires to vocally
demonstrate my erotic intension
Fanatical ill fantasies of raping his
permissive structure insistently
Exuding a tantalizing voraciousness
in fucking his mind consistently

Savagely shocking to see my poems
emanate a less perverted existence
His deviant aberration embarks my
direction with a cautious persistence
The words exuded from his inventively
skillful psyche are sinisterly grand
A magnificent mental labyrinth with
verbal dimension which I understand

Besides the distinct fact this eloquent
Aquarius is resplendently trenchant
An admiration with this gentleman goes
beyond my intellectual penchant
My expression gears more towards discovering
how his body is receptive with mine
Wishing to become deeply drowned with cherished
emotion, euphorically on cloud nine

Grave realization that he coils my world
with a rapturously cherished sweet breath
This omnisciently golden force has altered
my universe and dismantled my death
Sagaciously comprehending this present
is an event without duplication
The angelic lords above will never
grant another echo for my salvation

Loving someone to the deepest ends of
this earth is the essence of my survival
Saturated with delusional grandeur
of intimacy for his arrival
Harmoniously chanting words carved from
my tongue, penetrates the air with sounds of Leigh
This cantillation holds The illuminated Secret
to a girl called Rosemarie

© 01.2007. All Rights Reserved.
(for leigh)

thursday 01.25.2007 3:15AM