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surprising this was my first for *him called Devil Dog


Devil bedazzled blind heart is devoured
Engrossed with creamed flesh lost love is empowered

Reckless and ravaged in night’s fiery heat
Rape bruised blood stained body to make me complete

Suckle and taste until throat hungers no more
Desolate sinned soul as you make me your whore

Entwined disturbing beauty; silently lay
Exhausted and trembling I’ll never betray

Swollen lips inching towards his glorious mouth
Voraciously tasting my quivering pout

Blue Gladiator eyes stare upon blind sight
Bewitched dog tranced by all evil of black night

Mischievous visions in erotic bliss
Feverishly aroused to receive cursed kiss

Adoration flowed with naughty intention
Imploring fulfillment with masturbation

© 03.2001. All Rights Reserved.
(for bobby)

monday 04.26.2001 10:33PM