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ring ring

ding ding

what are you up to honey
got any straight hard money
sweet little birdie sang dude desired me
wickedly frisky, bet you would like to see
open minded with masturbation hardcore
voluptuous figure surely to explore
heard beast loves to share
ravenous affair
private dancing is secluded
married wife must be excluded
otherwise let’s perform a ménage à trois
with another decadent harlot mama

raged selfish preference is to fuck man purely solo
riding horseback with trained game of eccentric polo

racing crude ideas of bending over sculpted ass
working anxious fingers around closed anus to harass

arranging mouth to devour every gargantuan inch
assuring salvation of intercourse so that you don’t flinch

with chimed vibrations i’ll give him perverted foreplay
masochist rhythm with palatable buffet

imagine crimson lips sucking on shaved balls
stimulation behind closed curtained walls

rocking devilish world with cracked thunder
seducing targeted ways down under

knowing muscular frame is built for this
ravenously hungry for naughty bliss

titillating thoughts run delirious
flirt adventure will be mysterious

payment of exchange is quite high
nothing to bashfully deny

give me charged hotel address
for blonde exotic mistress
sugar bear when it’s done
you’ll plead for further fun
want to ravage tall pillar
ejaculation thriller
fornication of divine pleasure
sharing secret clitoral treasure

inspired ill intention to show up near back door
delivering delectable gifts as lustful whore
no kissing on first blind date
unless big dick is bold mate
intrigued to demonstrate what i’ve got
to tie wrists down in taught bondage knot
handcuffs, blindfolds and long leathered whip
making sure to please with sexed teased strip
seductively intoxicating to your sinful eyes
tight body will be adorned with sly salacious disguise
carved curvaceous latex dress of black midnight
displaying passageway towards heaven’s delight
raw performances are for blazed orgasmic rush
promise that i’ll make giant genitalia blush
cherry lips will taste like peppermint candy
liquid silk drippings of perverted randy
poetic center is eagerly wet
deliciously yummy vaginal sweat
packing silicone dildo treats
adultery under warm sheets
alright bedroom boy
arranging glass toy
hanging up to fulfill you
sin city call girl taboo


© 08.2010. All Rights Reserved.
(for matthew)

sunday 08.01.2010 12:41AM


AUTHOR’S NOTE: My poem ring ring ding ding was written after I had worked for a Madame in Vegas. Basically an escort service… I did not “serve” anyone per say, but was a telephone operator. Let’s call her Madame L.. when I was answering telephones to hook up dancers for their paid session, I was instructed to say, “Sweet little birdie sang you desired me.”.. and each time we had a caller, we could not let it ring more than 2 times in a row. Hence the title is “ring ring ding ding”.. leading to a two calling ring tone.

I would love to tell more I what I saw or heard in that tiny little (secret) run-down Vegas office.. but a lady must never reveal. Or what is the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

With my poetry, words cannot be repeated and there is a rhythm to my rhyme. It takes talent on my end to create a vibrant story in the lieu of poetic words. When writing, when I decide to post it I may arrange the structure of the poem from left to right or even placed in the middle. As well as separation of lines. Meaning, that I will separate the lines or perhaps group lines together. With this one, I just randomly separated the lines when I finished writing the poem. But strangely enough, on how my subconscious works.. the end result (never even planned this way) turned out to look like a dildo. I was shocked and amazed at the same time. I am not sure how it happened.. it just happened.

Lady Luck I presume.