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LIFE is a peculiar thing..
He breezes through your bones when you least expect it.
not necessarily “needing” you,
but becomes interested about your world..
shows curiosity regarding your universe when He is alone once more.
brushes your way when you are not prepared,
coming out of the woodwork
and oozing through the memories of the past.
as He pulls with your heart strings..
toying with all that you remembered about His boyish charm
which you so desperately want to box away.
just because through all the silent years of wanting Him
you realize that He can never fill that empty space
in your soul which needs alignment.
He floods a part of it, but not completely what you yearn for.
nonetheless, you understand Him fully.. unequivocally.
nurturing all of His demons and insecurities, pain and sorrow.
however He will never get you completely.
so you have no choice of not letting him in..
leaving you with tortured thoughts
of knowing you can only continue to LOVE Him from a distance..

poem; again (for Him) © 09.2013. All Rights Reserved.
Sunday, September 15, 2013 8:19 PM