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You do not know this,
but I love you.
And when I look
through an elongated
voyeuristic vision
towards a distant open direction,
lips begin to understand mouth
more than you
understand yourself.
Through savaged
broken scars
encompasses a triumphant
man of bruised ego.
Battled tongue wanting
full expression of everything
blue brave eyes have witnessed.
Although heart must willingly admit,
sole admiration
for skin is salaciously selfish
at this exact moment,
personal damned desire
to announce affection
is hesitantly released.
A subtle opaque infatuation
of mangled mind,
slowly penetrating
to sexed liquid pores of
trembling body
holds me in a trapped fixation.
It poetically appears to be
frightened unwrapped courage
yearns to say something to you.
Helplessly vain words continually
bound in exaggeration
through torn tangled voice
of invisible chords of rapture.
As disrobed nude obsession
digs deeply downward
through wounded veins,
fluttered faintly whispering
lost tattered truth
in pressed creases of bedroom pillow.
With grave realization,
silent tears saturate cold covers
of stained loneliness to
bravely decide
that I cannot possess you.
Yet, the escaped logic of
consciously recognizing
exactly who you are searching for,
has been so apparent to me
from the bold beginning.
Before purposefully leaving your
tantalizing presence,
palms must give immense
blessings to the electrifying
crackles merged in midnight air.
Offering grace to all
heavenly Gods
who divinely called out to me
embracing blazed
transfused energy with yours.
Intertwined with sweet luxury
from captivating minds
into a spherical energy,
fingers paralyzed with
expanding fear
to extend my vibrant
world to you.
through raw repetitive
crumpled love letters,
you may never know
of this emotional existence
embraced around you.
For it seems the secret breath
to devour flavored frame
is privately hidden beneath an
artistically fading tongue.

© 04.2011. All Rights Reserved.
poem; love letters (for michael)
monday 04.25.2011 12:24 AM